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25.02.2019 15:31 Alter: 89 days

Life, Thinking, and Culture in the Era of High Mobility

Call for Papers

Theme: Life, Thinking, and Culture in the Era of High Mobility
Type: 2019 Global Mobility Humanities Conference (GMHC)
Institution: Academy of Mobility Humanities, Konkuk University
  Kritika Kultura, Ateneo de Manila University
  UNITAS, University of Santo Tomas
Location: Seoul (Korea)
Date: 25.–27.10.2019
Deadline: 29.3.2019

Following the establishment of the Academy of Mobility Humanities in
May 2018, the organizers invite proposals for whole panels or
individual papers for 2019 Global Mobility Humanities Conference
(GMHC). This conference is organized by the Academy of Mobility
Humanities (Konkuk University), Kritika Kultura (Ateneo de Manila
University), and UNITAS (University of Santo Tomas).

The “mobility paradigm” or the “mobility turn,” which was proposed
more than a decade ago, has been used as a framework to understand
transfers and moving bodies as opposed to monolithic structures.
There have been many influences and events that shaped the thinking
on mobility in social science disciplines including sociology,
human/cultural geography, anthropology, media/communication studies,
and transport studies. However, scholars such as Peter Merriman, Ian
C. Davidson, Ruth Livesey, Lynne Pearce, and John Urry recently began
to recognize the kinship between mobilities research and arts and
humanities including art and design, archaeology, history,
performance and dance, film studies, and literary studies.

This conference presents an opportunity for scholars to engage with
research at the intersection of mobilities studies and humanities,
transcending the conventional divide between the social sciences and
humanities. The conference theme, “Life, Thinking, and Culture in the
Era of High Mobility,” encourages scholars to engage with the concept
of mobility humanities from a variety of academic disciplines.

Topics may include but not are not limited to:

1. Humanistic Perspectives on Mobility Studies: Theoretical
2. Methodology for Researching Mobility and Mobilities from an Asian
3. Philosophical and Theoretical Discussions on Co-Evolution of
  Mobility Technologies and Human Beings
4. Textual Representation and Embodiment of Mobility and Mobilities
5. Development of Mobile Technologies and Mobilization of Culture
6. Reconstruction of Human Ecology in the Era of High-Mobility:
  Migration, Urban Mobility, and Human Rights

We welcome submissions of individual papers and full panels for this
four-day, globally-focused conference.

How to submit your paper/panel proposal:

For panels, a 200-word outline of the theme of the panel, together
with 200-word abstracts of each paper and the details of each
presenter, should be submitted via email to the Organizing Committee
of 2019 GMHC:

For individual papers, a 200-word abstract of the paper should be
submitted to the GMHC website which should be constructed by early
March 2019. 

All panel and paper submissions must be in English. Submissions in
languages other than English will not be considered.

Key dates:

All submissions must be sent by email by 29th March 2019 and will
receive an acknowledgement. Any submission received after the
deadline will not normally be considered for presentation.

All panel and individual paper proposals will be reviewed by two
members of the Organizing Committee of 2019 GMHC. We will contact you
at the end of April 2019to inform you as to whether your panel/paper
has been accepted.

Full papers must be submitted by 1st August 2019.

Please note that by submitting your full paper to this conference, it
will be automatically considered for publication of GMHC’s conference
proceedings in due course. Please email the Organizing Committee of
2019 GMHC ( and cc to Kritika
Kultura ( with the subject heading “GMHC 2019
Inquiry” if you have questions and concerns.

Registration fee

Online registration runs 1st August 2019. Information on registration
will be made available on the conference website which will go live
on early March 2019.

An early-bird discount by registering before 31st August 2019. The
early-bird fee is US$ 150. After that date, the registration fee is
US$ 200. 

A graduate school student discount: The early-bird fee (registration
before 31st August 2019) is US$ 100. After that date, the
registration fee is US$ 150. 

Registration fee will cover the costs for the conference materials,
coffee/tea breaks, and a farewell dinner reception.


Academy of Mobility Humanites, Konkuk University
11F, New Millennium Hall
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Seoul 05029
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