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07.06.2019 09:48 Alter: 136 days

Modernity, Multi-Culturalism and Social Development

Call for Papers

Theme: Modernity, Multi-Culturalism and Social Development
Type: International Conference
Institution: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)
  Xian Jiaotong University
Location: Xian (China)
Date: 30.–31.12.2019
Deadline: 20.7.2019


Modernity originated in the West has become a worldwide phenomenon
with the acceleration of globalization. It has exerted a great impact
on our daily life and brought about a series of changes to our
civilizations. Starting from the age of the Enlightenment, modernity
became a multi-dimensional concept, which involves the development of
the social-political as well as the economic and cultural in many
countries and societies. It is no doubt that modernity is one of the
important topics in these times, because it is not only a historical
consciousness but also a social characteristic in essence.

Under the social background of modernity, multi-culturalism has been
created as a new social issue. As opposed to the cultural centralism
derived from cultural evolution multi-culturalism advocates the
recognition of ethnic-minority cultures, which enjoy not only the
same equal status with the mainstream culture but also the granting
of special rights in many aspects. As a cultural and social policy in
dealing with relationships among ethnic groups, multi-culturalism is
of great significance for the development of contemporary Chinese

In such a strong current of modernity and multi-culturalism, it has
certain theorical and practical significance for contemporary China
to focus on such themes as “the Community of Shared Future for
Humankind”; the challenges and opportunities of modernity and
multi-culturalism; the study of modernity and identity; and
especially, how to seek unique identity in the era of social
construction and multi-cultural background from the perspective of

Based on the above background and framework, this conference intends
to be conducted in the following directions:

- The internal logical relations among modernity, multi-culturalism
 and identity
- How to build the Community of Shared Future for Humankind under the
 background of modernity
- Internal mechanism of modernity and social development


Please send 300 words and a brief CV to Qiu Genjiang
[], Li Jiaxing [] and
[] by July 20, 2019. Full paper will be due on October
30, 2019. Well-developed papers will be considered to be published by
the RVP in its publication series "Cultural Heritage and Contemporary


There is no registration fee. Participants will cover their own
travel costs and the local organizers will provide accommodations.


Dr. Qiu Genjiang & Li Jiaxing
Department of Philosophy
Xian Jiaotong University
Xian, P.R. China
Email: &

Conference website: