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Ethics in a Global Environment

Call for Papers

Theme: Ethics in a Global Environment
Type: 6th Annual Conference
Institution: Centre for the Study of Global Ethics,
University of Birmingham
Location: Birmingham (United Kingdom)
Date: 28.–29.5.2020
Deadline: 1.2.2020

The Centre for the Study of Global Ethics (Edgbaston Campus,
University of Birmingham) is pleased to announce its Sixth Annual
Conference. The theme for 2020 is Ethics in a Global Environment.

​Human activity is increasingly compromising the global environment
in which we and other species live. Whether it be greenhouse gas
emissions, plastic pollution, overconsumption, landfills, or
deforestation, human ways of life are undeniably responsible for
making our planet less and less hospitable. As a result, biodiversity
is declining at unprecedented rates, and environmental degradation
makes a flourishing life impossible for many sentient individuals
across the globe. These problems give rise to fundamental questions
about what we owe to one another globally, how we should relate to
other animals and nature, and what kinds of society we want to live
in. What do we owe to our fellow humans and other sentient creatures?
What kinds of environmental goods are individuals entitled to? Are
there duties of environmental justice? Are there moral duties to
protect species and ecosystems? Who is responsible for the harms
caused by environmental degradation? How do systems of oppression
intersect to exacerbate environmental injustice? What ethical and
political philosophical frameworks are appropriate in an
ever-changing global environment? We believe that adequately
addressing these questions will require a multidisciplinary approach
to the challenges they raise, and we therefore welcome contributions
from a variety of disciplines, including, but by no means limited to,
philosophy, geography, law, politics, animal studies, sociology, and


We welcome abstract submissions addressing the central theme of the
conference, as well as a wide range of topics within global ethics,
from faculty, graduate students, activists, and others.

First, we welcome abstract submissions addressing the central theme
of Ethics in a Global Environment, including, but not limited to, the
following sub-themes:

- Environmental ethics
- Animal ethics
- The ethics of technology (e.g. in preserving species, promoting
 biodiversity, and climate change mitigation and adaptation)
- Agricultural ethics
- Indigenous perspectives on environmental sustainability
- Climate justice
- Urbanization and just urban environments
- Ethics regarding the transition towards environmental sustainability
- Environmental governance
- Justice in interspecies societies
- Postcolonialism and the environment
- Intersectionality and the environment

In addition, we encourage scholars in global and practical ethics;
legal, social and political philosophy; and cognate disciplines to
submit an abstract on a wide range of topics within global ethics.
Areas of research may include:

- Gender justice
- Global distributive and social justice
- Justice and race
- Just war theory
- Humanitarian ethics
- Global bioethics

Submission guidelines

We aim to make this conference accessible to all people with a
disability, and ask you to help us achieve this goal. We would really
appreciate it if you could comply with the requests in section 2.3
(on pages 6 and 7) of the BPA/SWIP Guidelines for Accessible

To propose a paper (suitable for presentation in 15 minutes), please
send the following two documents (doc or pdf) to:

- Blind abstract: document containing title, abstract (500 words
 max.), 3-5 keywords - anonymised for blind review (so not containing
 any author information)
- Non-blind abstract: document containing title, abstract (500 words
 max.), 3-5 keywords as well as author information (name, position,
 affiliation, contact details, and short biography)

Submission deadline: 1 February 2020
We aim to let you know the outcome of the blind review by 1 March

Conference website: