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Information Studies, Race and Racism

Call for Publications

Theme: Information Studies, Race and Racism
Publication: Open Information Science
Date: Special Issue
Deadline: 30.6.2019

On behalf of independent academic publisher De Gruyter, the open
access journal Open Information Science we are announcing a Call for
Papers for Topical Issue "Information Studies, Race and Racism".


As Safiya Noble asserts in her seminal work Algorithms of Oppression
“The cultural practices of our society...are part of the ways in
which race-neutral narratives have increased investments in
Whiteness” (p. 59). There is a need to disrupt these race-neutral
narratives in Information Studies research and there is a growing
body of work that does just that by re-orienting Information Studies
research to centralize discussions of race and racism. Many
researchers also use critical theories to help analyze their findings
or are offering counter-narratives highlighting minoritized actors
(such as women and people of color). Re-centering Information Studies
by contextualizing it within an analysis of how race and racism
affects our field changes what we think we know, and our
understandings about Information Studies. Only when these alternate
narratives are integrated into the fabric of Information Studies
research can Information Studies begin interrogating the long held
beliefs in our field.

We are intentionally casting a wide net and invite authors from a
broad range of professional and academic backgrounds to contribute to
this special issue of Open Information Science journal. We are asking
for submissions that centralize the theme of Information Studies,
race and racism, in order to evolve the field into a more critical
theoretical foundation that moves away from colorblind ideology and
narratives of neutrality, which only serve to disguise the ubiquity
of whiteness.

The scope of this issue might include, but is not limited to,
research on:

- Anti-racism methods in Information Studies
- Critical Race Theory and Information Studies
- Deconstructing ‘colorblindness’ in Information Studies and/or
 information institutions
- Intersectional analysis of Information Studies (race and : gender,
 sexuality, class, disability and ableism, indigeneity
- Classifications, cataloging, and taxonomies
- Analysis of whiteness and information organizations, information
 institutions, or applications of whiteness studies to Information
- How notions of race and racism affect our we conceptualize and
 teach information literacy
- Contemporary or historical debates around race and/or racism in
 information institutions (Libraries, Archives, Museums, special
 collections, business, education, labor, Silicon Valley, Government,
- Big Data, race and racism
- Race and racism as it relates to knowledge organization
- Anti racism or  applications of an analysis of racism of
 Information Studies in non-Western and/or non U.S. contexts
- Information, surveillance, and racism

How to Submit

Authors are kindly invited to register at our paper processing system
at: and submit their contribution.

Every manuscript should be clearly marked as intended for this
special issue. All papers will go through the Open Information
Science’s high standards, quick, fair and comprehensive peer-review
procedure. Instructions for authors are available here:

In case of any questions, please contact Guest Editors or Managing

As an author of Open Information Science you will benefit from:

- transparent, comprehensive and fast peer review managed by our
 esteemed Guest Editor;
- efficient route to fast-track publication and full advantage of De
 Gruyter e-technology;
- no publication fees;
- free language assistance for authors from non-English speaking

The deadline is June, the 30th, 2019.

Guest Editors:

Melissa Villa-Nicholas
University of Rhode Island

Latesha Velez
University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Open Information Science
Dr. Katarzyna Grzegorek, Managing Editor