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Philosophy, Science and Africa's Future

Call for Papers

Theme: Philosophy, Science and Africa's Future
Type: International Colloquium
Institution: Philosophy of Science Society of Nigeria (PSSN)
  Department of Philosophy, University of Ibadan
Location: Ibadan (Nigeria)
Date: 25.–26.4.2019
Deadline: 30.1.2019

From its historical perspective, philosophy of science is as old as
rational thinking, but rose to its special prominence in the
twentieth-century. As science makes considerable impacts in fields of
human endeavour as diverse as health, medicine, and life
preservation; communications, transportation, and infrastructure;
food technology, housing, and clothing; as well as intangible areas
of human civilization such as social relations, social order, nation
building, and knowledge production, increasing number of philosophers
have made science their focus of study just as scientists have become
more interested in philosophy. More so, philosophy of science is the
investigation of questions that arise from reflections on science,
questions whose philosophical nature derives from their generality,
their fundamental character, and their resistance to solution by
empirical disciplines such as history, sociology, psychology and
physics. To this extent, and properly understood, philosophy of
science is a sub-discipline in philosophy.   

Guided by the vision of knowledge production in the context of
emergent African condition, Philosophy of Science Society of Nigeria
(PSSN) seeks through this colloquium to, among other things,
re-present the components of science, culture, philosophy, sociology,
politics, and ethics of knowledge production aimed at reconstructing
a theoretical foundation that may be deployed for building a
desirable Africa. Thus, with the theme, Philosophy, Science and
African’s Future, the colloquium brings a multidisciplinary
perspective to the question of the role of philosophy and science in
the formulation of knowledge system that could enhance
socio-political and economic development for Africa and her future.

Proposals of not more than 500 words are invited on topics related,
but not limited to, the following:

- Current State of Science in Africa
- Western Science and African Science
- Science and Epistemic Parochialism
- Western Science and Epistemic Injustice
- Science and Indigenous Knowledge Systems
- Science, the Humanities and development in Africa
- Philosophy and Nation building in Africa
- Roadmap for a Philosophy of Science in Africa
- Philosophy of Education and Development in Africa
- Western Medicine and Indigenous African Medicine
- Africa’s Past and Prospects for the Future
- Science, Policy and Advocacy Issues in Africa
- Science, Technology and African Values
- The Question of an African Science
- Methodological Issues with Development in Africa

The proposal should contain title, summary of research, author’s name
and affiliation, and a brief bio. It should be sent to:

All inquiries can also be sent to this email address.

Note the following deadlines:

- Submission of proposal: January 30, 2019
- Acceptance Notification: February 15, 2019
- Early registration: February 28, 2019: N20,000 for delegates in
 Nigeria / USD 100 for international delegates
- Late registration: March 30, 2019: N30,000 for delegates in
 Nigeria / USD 150 for international delegates

Please note that author’s of accepted proposals would receive the
needed details for their payments. Registration covers only breakfast
and lunch. Travel and accommodation expenses would be cared for by
individual participants.

Papers presented at the colloquium would be peer-reviewed and
published in the Society’s maiden journal to be published in 2019.

Prof Isaac E. Ukpokolo, Professor of Epistemology and the Philosophy
of Science, University of Ibadan, and Founder, the Philosophy of
Science Society of Nigeria.


Prof Isaac E. Ukpokolo
Department of Philosophy
University of Ibadan