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APRA Foundation Berlin Philosophy Dissertation Fellowship

Call for Applications

Type: APRA Foundation Berlin Philosophy Dissertation Fellowship
Institution: Adrian Piper Research Archive (APRA) Foundation Berlin
Location: Berlin (Germany)
Deadline: Ongoing

The APRA Foundation Berlin is pleased to offer the
APRA Foundation Berlin Philosophy Dissertation Fellowship.

The purpose of the APRA Foundation Berlin Philosophy Dissertation
Fellowship is to motivate pursuit of a well-rounded education in
philosophy that prepares the applicant to flourish in a variety of
professional environments – whether academic or otherwise – that
demand cross-cultural knowledge, logical reasoning, and recognition
of the extent to which Western culture is rooted in the more ancient
cultures of the Near and Far East. To this end, it requires of the
applicant prior completion of a background program of philosophical
study that extends beyond the scope of most undergraduate and
graduate degree requirements, in its inclusion of required coursework
in logic, Eastern philosophy, and the Arabic and Jewish thinkers in
Medieval philosophy. In this way, the Fellowship Applicant
Credentials below establish a foundation for advanced philosophical
study that cultivates both familiarity with philosophical approaches
from a variety of non-Western traditions, and also the shared tools
of consistent reasoning and analysis through which to reintegrate
them into meaningful relation with the Western tradition. This will
serve all Fellowship applicants well whether they actually win the
Fellowship or not. 

The successful applicant will receive a grant of €12,000.00 / year,
divided into 12 sequential monthly payments of €1,000.00 each, for a
period of 36 sequential months, running from September of the first
year through August of the third sequential year.

For further information, please visit:


APRA Foundation Berlin
Reinickendorfer Str. 117
13347 Berlin
Tel./Fax +49-(0)30-4403-9244
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