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Immortality of the Soul in Islam and Christianity

Call for Papers

Theme: Immortality of the Soul in Islam and Christianity
Type: International Conference
Institution: Research Center for Islamic Philosophy and Theology,
Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy (ISCA)
Location: Qom (Iran)
Date: 4.–5.3.2020
Deadline: 16.3.2019

The Research Center for Islamic Philosophy and Theology affiliated to
Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy (ISCA) was established in 1994
with the aim of explaining Islamic theoretical doctrines on the basis
of reason and revelation,reviving (Islamic) philosophical and
theological heritage and addressing intellectual challenges.

Given that the International Conference of Religious Doctrines and
the Mind-Body Problem was successfully held in March 2010,the second
International Conference will, as part of the project of "Mind-Body
Relationship”, be held under the theme of the Immortality of the soul
in Islam and Christianity" in March 2020.

The Research Center for Islamic Philosophy and Theology organizes the
conference on the following 5 main topics and 40 sub-topics:

1. Concept of death

2. Concept of immortality

3. Criteria of personal identity

4. Postmortem survival
- Historical origins of the belief in the survival
- The survival in different religions and denominations
- Types of survival
- Arguments for the survival:
 * Philosophical arguments
 * Mystical arguments
 * Theological arguments
 * Merely transmission-based arguments
 * Empirical arguments (such as near-death experiences)
- Dualistic accounts
- Non-dualistic accounts

5. Life after death
- Views about the human fate after death
 * Annihilation
 * Reincarnation
- Barzakh
 * The quality of barzakh
 * Life in barzakh
 * Arguments for barzakh
 * The nature of human in barzakh and life in barzakh (physical or
- Resurrection
 * The quality of resurrection
 * The resurrection and the nature of the return (philosophical and
   mystical accounts and arguments)
 * The resurrection and the universal soul
 * The first and the second blow (nafkha)
 * The resurrection of non-human entities
 * Other stages of the resurrection (ṣirāṭ or the bridge,mīzān or
   the scale,the presentation of actions)
- Physical and spiritual resurrections
 * Longitudinal bodies
 * Arguments for physical resurrection
 * Identity of the person in this world and the afterlife
- Heaven and Hell
 * Eternity in the Hell
 * Renewal of one’s condition in the Heaven and the Hell
 * Embodiment of actions

Papers should not exceed 8000 words and can be in English, Arabic or
Persian. Deadline for abstracts is March 16, 2019 and deadline for
papers is September 16, 2019.

Conference website: