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Bio-Politics and Ethnic Identity

Call for Papers

Theme: Bio-Politics and Ethnic Identity
Type: International Conference
Institution: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)
  Fudan University
Location: Shanghai (China)
Date: 13.–14.7.2019
Deadline: 30.3.2019


Modernity has become the basic discourse of contemporary humanities
and social sciences research. The postmodern discourse formed in the
1960s has also been constructed into the discourse of modernity. The
integration of modernity and postmodern discourse is actually
connected with bio-politics, which emerged in the same period and has
so far been in the ascendant. The representative of bio-politics is
Foucault, today Agamben, Negri. Other philosophers are also very
active in this field. In fact, when Giddens, Charles Taylor and
others carried out the research on nation-state and ethnic identity,
they also voluntarily borrowed the resources of bio-politics.

Bio-politics criticized the contemporary transformation of the
liberal tradition that took place at the end of 70s and the early 80s
of last century (the result is the formation of neo-liberalism). The
contemporary transformation of the liberal tradition emphasizes the
legitimacy of the capitalist government and its process. In this
regard, in 90s century, with the disintegration of the ultra-national
state, the emergence of the European community, transnational
capitalism and global capitalism, then there is a wave transcends the
thought of nation-state or post nation-state, which reflects the
legitimacy and sovereignty.

However, it is the legitimacy that bio-politics should criticize and
question. Bio-politics thus rewrote modernity and opened the issue of
diversity of ethnic groups and its discussion space. In a sense, the
emergence of nationalism in the new century, the revival of
nation-state and the anti-globalization trend of neo-liberalism in
recent years, as well as the nationalism of developing countries and
its powerful model of mobilization are worth studying via the
research and interpretation of bio-politics. Issues related to ethnic
group, nationality, nation-state, post nation-state, population,
mobility, body, space, inter-ethnic group, identity, social
solidarity, etc., are quite complex and serious in the subject of

Based on the above background and its framework, this conference
intends to be conducted in the following directions:

1. Bio-politics, the reconstruction of global modernity and the
  revival of nation-state
2. Comparative studies on different cultural traditions and their
  modern transformations of multiple ethnic groups
3. Ethnic consciousness and national identity in the process of
  construction of contemporary nation-state
4. Anti-Semitism as a bio-political event and the construction of
  contemporary ethnic politics
5. Related theoretical resources, research and commentaries on


Please send 300 words and a brief C.V. to Dr. Zou Shipen
[] and [] by March 30, 2019. Full
papers sent by June 30, 2019 will be considered to be published if
publishable by the RVP in its publication series "Cultural Heritage
and Contemporary Change."


There will be no registration fees. Travel expenses will be covered
by participants/their institues. The organizer will provide local
transportation, accommodations and food during the conference.


Zou Shipeng
Center for Contemporary Marxism in Foreign Countries
Fudan University
Shanghai, China

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