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The End of Just War?

Call for Applications

Theme: The End of Just War?
Subtitle: Non-Violence and Civilian Protection
Type: PhD Position
Institution: Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics
(CAPPE), University of Brighton
Location: Brighton (United Kingdom)
Date: from October 2019
Deadline: 24.5.2019

The University of Brighton is offering a three-year, full time PhD
position on "The End of Just War? Non-Violence and Civilian
Protection", starting in October 2019. Funding will cover fees and a
PhD stipend at the UKRI rate, £15,009 pa for 2019/20. The successful
candidate will be a member of the Centre for Applied Philosophy,
Politics and Ethics (CAPPE).

Project in brief

Civilians account for a higher proportion of deaths in war than at
any point in history, killing in violent conflict is increasing, and
a spate of wars in North Africa and the Middle East have left behind
destroyed lives and destroyed states. It is time to ask whether the
idea that war can be a morally just way of protecting civilians
should be rejected. Departing from orthodox philosophical approaches
to the ethics of war, this project takes an applied and
interdisciplinary approach to address the question of whether Just
War Theory should be renounced.

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