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Climate Change and Asian Philosophy

Call for Papers

Theme: Climate Change and Asian Philosophy
Subtitle: A Dialogue in Environmental Ethics
Type: International Conference
Institution: Practical Philosophy Research Group, University of Bergen
Location: Bergen (Norway)
Date: 4.–5.10.2019
Deadline: 1.6.2019

In recent years, climate ethics has burgeoned into a dynamic
philosophical subfield that aims to address some of the most
perplexing ethical challenges presented by climate change. At the
same time, there's been a growth in philosophical interest in the
connection between Asian philosophy – particularly Buddhist ethics –
and environmental ethics generally. However, little work has been
done regarding what non-Western philosophy might have to contribute
to our understanding of the ethics of climate change. How can
non-Western ethical and ontological systems inform issues such as
historical responsibility, individual responsibility,
intergenerational ethics, and the non-identity problem?

This conference will bring together experts in the fields of climate
ethics, Buddhist ethics, and environmental philosophy in an effort to
foster dialogue between non-Western philosophical traditions and
contemporary climate ethics. This dialogue promises to offer valuable
ethical resources for addressing the global problem of anthropogenic
climate change.

The practical philosophy research group at the University of Bergen
invites submissions related to climate ethics, environmental ethics,
and/or Asian philosophy. Papers which specifically address climate
ethics and Asian philosophy will be given preference.

Please send abstracts of 500-700 words to:

Be sure to include your name and institutional affiliation in your
email. The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2019.

Confirmed speakers:

Stephen Gardiner (University of Washington)
Catriona McKinnon (University of Reading)
Elizabeth Cripps (via video conference) (University of Edinburgh)
David E. Cooper (Durham University)
Simon James (Durham University)


Practical Philosophy Research Group
University of Bergen