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07.04.2019 13:47 Alter: 101 days

Contested Identities

Call for Papers

Theme: Contested Identities
Subtitle: Critical Conceptualisations of the Human
Type: 3rd Annual Conference
Institution: South African Society for Critical Theory (SASCT)
  University of KwaZulu-Natal
Location: Durban (South Africa)
Date: 22.–23.11.2019
Deadline: 7.9.2019

The South African Society for Critical Theory (SASCT) invites
abstract submissions of up to 500 words for its 3rd Annual Conference
which will take place at the Howard College Campus of the University
of KwaZulu-Natal, from the 22nd to the 23rd of November 2019.

SASCT invites papers which address the vexed notion of the “human” in
the contemporary age. As part of such considerations, this conference
welcomes papers that consider the possibilities and pitfalls of
identity theory in relation to Critical Theory. What analytic and
conceptual resources does identity politics offer Critical Theory?
What might a critical analysis of identity politics reveal? Do
identity politics serve as an instance of a process whereby we come
to view our own individuality in terms of pre-constructed cultural
categories? What stance should Critical Theory adopt towards identity

This conference also welcomes papers that explore the concept of “the
human” and “human nature” from a critical perspective. What, for
instance, might we construe as “essential” human characteristics? Is
critical reason to be understood as such a characteristic? Is the
question of the “human’ even meaningful any longer? Would the attempt
to define the “human” in its present historico-social conditions
enable us to map its future trajectory? Would the attempt to
formulate such a definition facilitate liberation or merely serve a
repressive ideological function? If the “human” or “human nature” are
no longer meaningful categories, then what is it that Critical Theory
aims to liberate? Has the technological mediation of existence
altered our understanding of humanity? In short, what is the future
of the “human”?

The conference welcomes approaches from all aspects of Critical
Theory, broadly construed. In particular, the conference welcomes
papers that address issues relating to: African Critical Theory,
Digital Culture, the intersections between Critical Theory of
European origin (Frankfurt School, Foucault, etc.), Black
Existentialism, and Africana Critical Theory as well as contributions
on any and all aspects of Critical Theory, e.g. the 3 generations of
Frankfurt School Critical Theory, Postcolonial Theory, De-colonial
Theory, Critical Feminism, Critical Film Studies, Critical Race
Theory, Critical Theory of Technology, Critical Legal Studies,
Post-structuralism, Psychoanalysis, Critical Hermeneutics, Liberation
Theory, Critical Pedagogy, Critical Theology, Critical Anthropology,

The Conference organisers would also appreciate papers that address
thinkers whose work lies outside the “canon” of Critical Theory, but
whose work can extend current research in Critical Theory or whose
work in itself embodies alternative forms of Critical Theory. Whilst
the organisers encourage contributions that address the conference
theme, the theme itself should be viewed as merely suggestive.

Please submit abstracts to by the 7th September
2019. Acceptance letters will be sent by the 21st of September at the

Should you have queries regarding any aspect of the conference then
please do not hesitate to contact the conference organising committee: