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Philosophy and Beauty

Call for Papers

Theme: Philosophy and Beauty
Type: 5th Annual Conference
Institution: European Network of Japanese Philosophy (ENOJP)
  Nanzan University
Location: Nagoya (Japan)
Date: 29.8.–1.9.2019
Deadline: 15.4.2019

The 5th Annual Conference of the European Network of Japanese
Philosophy will be held at Nanzan University (Nagoya, Japan) from
August 29th to September 1st 2019. The general theme of the
conference is „Philosophy and Beauty“.

Philosophy and Beauty
The Philosophy of Izutzu Toshihiko
Philosophy for Children

Special Events:
Calligraphy performance by Watanabe Hiroko
Tea Ceremony with Yata Miho

Keynote Speakers:
Keta Masako (Kyoto University, emerita)
Morioka Masahiro (Waseda University)
Raquel Bouso (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

The deadline for proposals is 15 April 2019.
General Registration begins on 16 April and ends on 1 August 2019.

Presentations may be in English or Japanese.
Those submitting a proposal for a paper will still need to register
for the Conference.

Individual sessions will typically include 2 presenters and run for
90 minutes. Presentations should not exceed 30 minutes, with the
remaining time reserved for discussion.

Those who are participating in workshops or would like to be paired
with a colleague to make a presentation in an organized panel will be
able to indicate it in the submission process.

Free lodgings will be available to a limited number of attendees.
Preference will be given to younger scholars from abroad who will
present a paper and plan to attend the whole conference.

For those of you traveling from Germany with All Nippon Airways (ANA)
through TOP SERVICE Duesseldorf, a special offer on return flights to
Japan has been arranged for this conference.

Conference website: