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Ethical Discourses

Call for Papers

Theme: Ethical Discourses
Subtitle: East and West
Type: Eastern Division Meeting
Institution: American Philosophical Association
  Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion
Location: New York, NY (USA)
Date: 4.–8.1.2021
Deadline: 20.6.2020

From Chandana Chakrabarti <>


Deontological Ethics, Consequentialism, Divine Command Theory,
Problem of Evil, Fatalism and Destiny, Justice and Compassionate God,
Motivation and obligation, Virtue Ethics, Environmental Ethics,
Karma, Fate and Justice, Freedom of Will and Karma Theory, Ethics and
Society, Morality and Politics, Ethical Issues in a Pandemic,
Morality and Politics, Dharma Ethics, Nyaya Ethics, Ethics of
Non-Violence, Moral Dilemma in Great Epics, Self Defense and Just
War, Conflict Resolution through dialogue, etc.

The list is suggestive and not exhaustive.

Please send your abstract to:

Abstract (150 words) due date:
June 20, 2020

Final papers may be submitted for editorial review for publication in
the Journal of Indian Philosophy & Religion (If the theme of the
paper deals with topics relevant to the Journal).

The Society for Indian Philosophy & Religion organizes national and
international conferences in USA and overseas. Presenters may join
those conferences if they like to do that.


Chandana Chakrabarti
Society for Indian Philosophy & Religion
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Elon, NC 27244
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