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16.05.2020 12:11 Alter: 20 days

Thinking Africa

Announcement: Postponement of the Emerging Ideas on Conversational Thinking Conference

Theme: Thinking Africa
Subtitle: Glocal Solutions to Glocal Problems
Type: 1st CSP Emerging Ideas on Conversational Thinking Conference (EICT)
Institution: Conversational Society of Philosophy (CSP)
  Department of Philosophy, University of Pretoria
Location: Pretoria (South Africa)
Date: 26.–28.8.2020                                                                                                                                                Deadline: 28.02.20


From Jonathan Chimakonam <>

The Conversational School of Philosophy (CSP), in collaboration with
Thinking Africa (Department of Philosophy, University of Pretoria),
invites scholars to submit abstracts (200 words max) for
consideration. Priority will be given to submissions that comply with
the eight postulates of the conversational method.

Conversational Philosophy (CP) is a philosophic tradition that
promotes conversational thinking. It aims at questioning orthodoxy,
unveiling new concepts, opening new vistas for thought and promoting
the global expansion of thought.  Papers to be presented on the theme
and sub-themes of the 1st edition of EICT-2020 must propose new
ideas, reflectling an African perspective to knowledge, in line with
the eight postulates of CP. We encourage submissions on any of the
following sub-themes:

Inequality; poverty; migration; Afrophobia; femicide; rape;
infanticide; climate change; suicide; Othering; racism; borders,
disability; gender; epistemic marginalisation/injustice;
philosophical counselling; ignorance; Afro-communitarianism;
personhood; decoloniality; decolonial curriculum studies;  Albinism;
theory of the human minimum; relational ethics; Ezumezu logic;
harmonious monism; Ibuanyidanda philosophy/logic; consolationism;
Ubuntu Ontology; Uwa ontology; deliberative epistemology; theories of
truth in a post-truth world; complementary epistemology; explanatory
models in African philosophy of science; intercultural exchanges; AI
and the future of Africa.


Submit your abstract to:


Submission Deadline: February 28, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: March 20, 2020

Publication of proceedings:

- One special issue in an accredited journal would be dedicated to
 selected papers.
- In addition, two edited anthologies will be published under the
 Thinking Africa imprint (UKZN Press).

Conference Registration Fees:

- Africa-based students $50;
- outside  Africa-based students $100.
- Africa-based academics $100;
- outside Africa-based academics $150;

Keynote Speakers:

- Prof. Achille Mbembe, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.
- Prof. Robert Bernasconi, The Pennsylvania State University, USA.
- Prof. Obioma Nnaemeka, Indiana University, USA.
- Dist. Prof. Thaddeus Metz, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


The conference will be a plenary event in that all presentations will
take place in one hall. Acceptance to present a paper at the
conference is conditioned on attendance of all sessisons and that a
final, reworked paper will be submitted for publication
considerations. There will not be parallel sessions.

We are also pleased to announce the creation of a number of Awards:

1. Ground-breaking work in African Philosophy and Studies (monographs)
2. Outstanding female African Thinker award (monographs and articles)
3. Outstanding research on Africa’s intellectual history (monographs)
4. Outstanding research on African logic and critical thinking
  (articles and monographs)
5. Radical idea in African philosophy (articles)

These awards will be presented every two years to recognise and
celebrate research excellence in African philosophy and studies. The
first round of awards  will consider peer-reviewed research published
between January 2018 and December 2019. Submissions should be made to by simply emailing the pdf of your work on or
before midnight, April 30, 2020. Submissions received after the
deadline will not be considered by the award panel. Authors may
submit to multiple categories. Submission email must have a subject,
affiliation/address, email and phone contacts of the author.

Cultural Event:

A cultural event will be organised for the 29th of August 2020. It
would most likely be a trip to Marupeng or City tours. Details will
be made available closer to the time.

For more information on the Conversational Society of Philosophy
(CSP) visit:

For more information on the Thinking Africa imprint visit:


Dr. Jonathan O. Chimakonam, President
Conversational Society of Philosophy (CSP)
Department of Philosophy, University of Pretoria