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Africa in a Cosmopolitan and Polycentric World

Call for Papers

Theme: Africa in a Cosmopolitan and Polycentric World
Subtitle: Violence, Conflict Mediation, and Peace Building Dynamics
Type: Asixoxe – Let’s Talk! Conference on African Philosophy
Institution: Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences
Location: Prague (Czech Republic)
Date: 15.–16.6.2020
Deadline: 24.4.2020

For nearly three decades, Africa has been swayed by conflicts of
different nature and intensity: the South African apartheid and the
conflicts in Rwanda, Burundi, Angola or Sudan, Jihadist incursions in
various African countries, the secessionist attempt in Western
Cameroon, as well as multiple crises facing the Great Lakes Region,
and other conflicts. These phenomena reveal two paradoxical
realities. On the one hand, there is the violence and exclusion –
including extermination – imposed on the majority of African people
today. On the other hand, we must mention the organized activities
seeking to find suitable solutions to this suffering through a range
of initiatives generically called "peace interventions" which include
various actors, philosophies and strategies.

The globalization process and the collapse of the Cold War have both
contributed to the reconfiguration of the world order. The abundant
literature on this subject sheds light on questions related to this
reconfiguration including, for example, the examination of ideas such
as interdependence, mobility, polycentrism, multilateral arrangement,
cosmopolitanism, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development,
climate change, both the new economic and the ecological order, to
mention but a few. Being part of planet Earth, Africa cannot be
excluded from these concerns.

The Asixoxe (Let's Talk!) Conference on African Philosophy 2020 would
like to explore issues raised by the evoked context. The conference
focuses on conflicts, violence, conflict mediation, and peace
building dynamics currently developing in Africa. It also seeks to
analyze the meaning, the nature and the causes of conflicts and
violence currently affecting Africa. Subsequently, it also seeks to
explore theories and dynamics of peace in the African continent. In
addition to this, the conference addresses issues related to African
political thought and practice, African languages and literature,
African culture and identity, migration and gender, human rights and
demography. Possible topics include:

- Concepts and narratives of peace and war in Africa
- Conflict mediation and resolution
- Indigenous knowledge on conflicts and their resolution 
- Countries, Ambassadors, and United Nations (UN) approaches to conflicts
- Intercultural and religious dialogues
- African philosophy’s conflict and peace theories
- Interaction between local and global structures for peace
- Non-violence, gender, new technologies, and other related topics

We invite you to explore these issues at the fourth Prague edition of
Asixoxe – Let’s Talk! Conference on African Philosophy, organized by
the Centre of Global Studies (CGS) of the Institute of Philosophy of
the Czech Academy of Sciences. The conference will be held in Prague,
on 15th-16th June 2020. Titles and abstracts of 200-250 words, as
well as any queries, should be sent by 24th April 2020 to Dr Albert
Kasanda (CGS, Prague), Each speaker will be given
20 minutes for the presentation, with subsequent 10 minutes for
questions and discussion. We envisage a publication of selected
papers from the conference. There is no registration fee for
presenters and other participants. English is the working language.


Albert Kasanda, PhD
Centre of Global Studies
Institute of Philosophy
Czech Academy of Sciences
Jilská 1
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic