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Interreligious Dialogue

Call for Papers

Theme: Interreligious Dialogue
Type: 2020 International eConference
Institution: Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR)
Location: Online
Date: 4.–6.12.2020
Deadline: 15.9.2020

The Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR) is hosting the 2020
International eConference on Interreligious Dialogue, which will
bring together religion scholars, specialists, and practitioners of
different faith traditions (from all over the world) to discuss the
various complexities, problems, and solutions resulting from
interreligious dialogue. The purpose of this multidisciplinary
virtual conference is to advance the scientific, philosophical,
theological, historical, and social understanding of how different
religious belief systems have in the past and can in the future
cooperate with each other to build a better world.

This academic eConference will provide an interdisciplinary platform
for scholars, educators, and practitioners to present creative and
experimental methods of believing and behaving in order to foster
mutual empathy and understanding among the different faith traditions.

And because the conference is held online, scholars and students can
attend from the comfort and safety of their own home at lower costs
without having to worry about travel and lodging expenses.

Call for Presenters

Religious specialists and philosophers, as well as researchers,
professors, graduate students, and other scholars are encouraged to
submit abstract proposals (200-500 words) to present at this year’s
international academic conference on interreligious dialogue. All
research presentations will then be published in an upcoming
supplemental issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal,
Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM).
Presenters can also feature and promote their own publications during
the conference for free!

Abstract Proposal Deadline:
September 15th, 2020

Presentation Guidelines

Presentations can take any number of forms, including hosting a
discussion panel, interviewing a specialist, presenting a research
paper, teaching a classroom lesson, or leading a workshop. Presenters
can even video record their presentation outside of the event, rather
than host a live session, and then have GCRR show that video
recording to conference attendees.

Regardless of the format, we ask that presenters adhere to the
following stipulations:

- Time length for lectures, paper presentations, and classroom
 lessons: between 20-45 minutes
- Time length for discussion panels, interviews, and workshops:
 between 20-90 minutes
- ​All presentations (except for pre-recorded presentations) will
 require at least a 30-minute Q&A session at the end for attendees to
 engage the presenter
- Presenters must be members of the GCRR Academic Society

To submit your proposal, go to:


Darren M. Slade, PhD
Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR)