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Call for Papers

Theme: Poverty
Subtitle: Interpreting the World's Dividing Line
Type: International Conference
Institution: Global Institute for Research, Education and Scholarship (GIRES)
Location: Online
Date: 24.10.2020
Deadline: 3.10.2020

Thematic Approach

Our new conference wishes to explore world’s most complex and
multifaceted enigma. From time, eternal poverty has been one of the
most challenging and perplexing problems facing society. The new
millennium abounds in examples of extreme poverty; it seems that in
the most wealthy and technologically advanced era of mankind, poverty
is vigorously growing and becoming ever more mainstream; the
acceptability of poverty in society is a controversial issue in
twenty-first century. It is race, religion, education, political
opinion, nationality and sexual orientation that have traditionally
been considered challenging and the root of social problems. However,
poverty has been resilient against all social progress; it seems an
impossible riddle to solve. 

Our new conference wishes to engage in the philosophical, political
and economical debates about the causes and solutions to the problem
of poverty. We will explore the ideologies that often dominate the
discussion, research the real philosophical and historical
assumptions buried beneath the rhetoric so we can start solving this
controversial and highly complex global phenomenon.  Why is poverty
growing? What are the social policies and the future perspectives in
this ever-changing globalized world? 

Our organization, dedicated to interdisciplinarity, invites scholars
from various fields including but not limited to philosophy,
religion, theology, sociology, anthropology, history, literature,
art, economics, geography, cultural and political studies along with
representatives from think-tanks and organizations to contribute to
the discussion and to debate issues.

Proposed Topics

- Poverty and politics
- Globalization and poverty
- Literature and poverty
- Arts and the depiction of poverty
- Social stratification and psychology
- Poverty and commerce
- Impoverished nations and expansionism
- Cinema and the portrayal of poverty
- Race and poverty: exploring the dividing lines
- Poverty and economy

Proposed Formats

- Individually submitted papers (organized into panels by the GIRES
- Panels (3-4 individual papers)
- Roundtable discussions (led by one of the presenters)
- Posters

Lingua franca: English

Date of the Conference:
24 October 2020

Deadline for proposals:
3 October 2020

Acceptance notification:
5 October 2020

Registration fee:
80 Euros

Our proposed topics and formats are not restrictive and we invite
additional germane ideas.

Due to the restrictions of Corona Crisis our event (for the time
being) will take place virtually.


Global Institute for Research, Education and Scholarship (GIRES)
Amsterdam, Netherlands