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Landscape and Identity

Call for Papers

Theme: Landscape and Identity
Subtitle: Interdisciplinary Explorations of Being in the World
Type: Interdisciplinary Workshop
Institution: Landscape, Environment, and Identity Research Network,
Durham University
Location: Durham (United Kingdom)
Date: 26.–27.3.2020
Deadline: 15.11.2019

The interrelation between human identities and the landscapes and
environments they inhabit is recognised in many disciplines
throughout the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences. With
different disciplinary histories, backgrounds, research traditions,
and paradigms, all these disciplines employ their own theories,
approaches, and methods to study the link between landscapes,
environments, and human identities across time and space. However,
they all share common interests as well.

On the occasion of the establishment of Durham University’s
interdisciplinary Landscape, Environment, and Identity Research
Network, this workshop aims to provide a platform for
cross-disciplinary conversations and collaborations aimed at the
integration of different theories on, approaches to, and research
methods for exploring the interrelations between landscape,
environment, and identity. For how are the terms landscape and
identity used and problematised across disciplines, and what issues
arise from these ideas?

This workshop will therefore offer an opportunity for PhD students
and Early Career Researchers from a range of disciplines to come
together and share their research on landscape and identity beyond
their own discipline. We aim to investigate challenges to such
interdisciplinary studies (e.g. due to different research traditions)
and to discuss solutions to these issues. Our discussions are
intended to form the basis of a collective output and to encourage
future collaborations.

By bringing together researchers from various disciplinary
backgrounds, including but not limited to Anthropology, Archaeology,
Classics and Ancient History, English Literature and Geography, we
are hoping to consider questions that all disciplines have been
asking individually, such as:

- How are different identities established through human interaction
with landscape or environment?

- What (combination of) methods and approaches may we employ to
analyse and interpret this interrelation between identity, landscapes
and environments, whether real or imagined, urban, industrial, or

- How is human identity or sense of self affected when a landscape or
environment changes, for instance due to war or conflict, political
developments, natural disasters, tourism, climate change, etc.?

- How does this in turn affect their interactions and/or relations
with other peoples?

- How can our academic research into different landscapes,
environments and identities help address current issues in wider
society, such as the dynamics between local and global identities,
and our relation to a changing world that is subject to climate

We invite abstracts for 20 minute papers that address these questions
from any perspective. Potential topics could include (but are not
limited to): identity in relation to (changing) political, built and
natural environments or landscapes; the shaping of the self and the
environment; and the intersection between landscape, identity and
topics such as memory, emotion, gender, and sensory experiences (e.g.
sound, smell, or taste).

Following the workshop, we will seek to produce one or more
collective outputs, both academic and non-academic, based on the
contents of the workshop. The exact form will depend on the ambitions
and contributions of participants, but could include the following:

- An edited book
- A special issue of an interdisciplinary journal
- An online blog
- A piece for The Conversation

If you would like to join the discussion and present a paper at this
workshop, please send an abstract of up to 250 words before 5pm (GMT)
on Friday 15 November 2019 to:

Thanks to a generous contribution from our sponsor, Durham
University’s Institute of Advanced Study, there will be no conference
fee. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Applicants will be
selected and notified by mid December 2019.

Workshop Organisation Committee:
Floor Huisman, Esther Meijer, Diego Astorga-De-Ita, Vicky Penn,
Christoph Doppelhofer, James Coxon


Landscape and Identity Workshop
Durham University

landscape.identity.durham(at)gmail.comTwitter: @LandscapeDurham