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PhD Scholarships in Philosophy

Call for Applications

Type: PhD Scholarships in Philosophy
Institution: Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value, University of Pardubice
Location: Pardubice (Czech Republic)
Date: 2020–2024
Deadline: 31.5.2020

Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value invites graduates in
philosophy and neighbouring disciplines to apply for an
internationally open PhD scholarship. Alongside conducting research
in ethics and political philosophy, a key part of the Centre’s aim is
to foster the development of the next generation of academics. To its
PhD students, it offers an inspiring environment of a friendly
community of researchers and doctoral students, a regular PhD
seminar, and the opportunity to engage in the philosophical life of
the Centre, including participation in conferences, workshops and
seminars. The students can use a well-furnished PhD room and a common
room, as well as the Centre‘s library and study. Full-time PhD
students receive a monthly stipend and have ample funding
opportunities for travel.

Supported by a major multi-year EU-funded grant, the Centre for
Ethics brings together a group of international researchers in ethics
and political philosophy to work on issues surrounding the
distinctive value of human life.  Alongside the study of general
ethical and political problems, the Centre favours a ground-up
approach to timely topics, such as attitudes towards marginalised
groups and topics including populism, nationalism, religious
conflict, and climate change. The Centre has working links with
partner institutions including King’s College London, University of
Melbourne, University of Uppsala, Åbo Akademi and University of
Genoa. (More information here:

Examples of possible research projects

- The value of humanity, love and hatred, sources of disregarded
 human value
- Racism, sexism, xenophobia, social exclusion, poverty, affliction
- Political emotions; postfactism, populism and demagoguery
- Patriotism, nationalism and liberal universalism
- Disagreement, difference and (in)tolerance in political discourse
- Good and evil, remorse, punishment, forgiveness
- Topics in moral psychology and theory of action
- Ethical and political questions related to the climate crisis;
 animal ethics
- Ethics and technology, AI, new media
- Morality in philosophy and art, questions of philosophical method

Research projects of our current PhD students

- Iris Murdoch’s Distinction between Philosophy and Literature
- The Ethics of Public Space 
- Rethinking Moral Creativity: The Transformation of Moral Standards
 in the Everyday
- The Challenge Creative Computers Present to the Good Life
- The Role of Shame and Guilt in the Moral Development of Children
- Otherwise than Anthropocentrism: Levinas Face-to-Face with the
- The Moral Power of Literature

Practical information

Applicants are encouraged to consult a prospective supervisor in our
Centre in advance. Possible supervisors include: Christopher Cordner,
Niklas Forsberg, Nora Hämäläinen, Hugo Strandberg, Joseph
Wiinikka-Lydon. (The research team of the Centre:

The standard length of study is 4 years in the full-time study mode.
Full-time, resident students admitted to the PhD programme receive a
monthly stipend (currently 11,250 CZK) to defray living expenses.

The working language of the PhD programme and of the Centre is
English and applicants should have a good grasp of academic English.
No knowledge of Czech is required.

The University of Pardubice is located within walking distance from
the historical centre of Pardubice, a charming city in the heart of
Europe. Pardubice is well connected by train to several major
European cities, including Prague (1 hour) and Vienna (3 hours).

Application deadline: May 31st, 2020*
Interviews: mid June 2020*
Decision: by the end of June 2020*
Starting date: October 1st, 2020*

(*These deadlines may change in consequence of the current Corona
virus situation. Please follow the Centre website or e-mail for

Information about admission requirements and procedure:

Contact for inquiries:
Doc. Niklas Forsberg (
Dr. Ondřej Beran (


Ondřej Beran, Ph.D.
Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value
Department of Philosophy
University of Pardubice
Studentská 95 (correspondence address)/Stavařov 97 (contact address)
532 10 Pardubice
Czech Republic