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03.02.2018 12:23 Alter: 195 days

Oswald Spengler in an Age of Globalisation

Call for Papers

Theme: Oswald Spengler in an Age of Globalisation
Subtitle: 100 Years after the Publication of "The Decline of the West"
Type: Conference
Institution: Oswald Spengler Society
Location: Blankenheimerdorf (Germany) and Brussels (Belgium)
Date: 17.–20.10.2018
Deadline: 28.2.2018

The newly founded “Oswald Spengler Society” is pleased to hold a
scholarly conference on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the
publication of “The Decline of the West”, one of the most important –
and notorious – works on the philosophy of history of the 20th

In accordance with the broad historical and philosophical
perspectives embraced by Oswald Spengler, the conference welcomes
contributions coming from all fields of the Humanities, Social and
Natural Sciences and dealing either with Oswald Spengler’s theory and
its intellectual context, or with the actuality of the morphology of
cultures today in the age of globalisation.

The conference will take place in two parts.

From 17th to 19th October 2018, the participants will meet in
scholarly reclusion at the seminar facilities of Blankenheimerdorf,
south of Cologne, Germany, in order to give and discuss their papers.
Full catering and accommodation will be provided for by the Society
for the whole of the conference, and a shuttle-service for those
coming from Brussels and Cologne airport will be organised.

On 19th October, the participants will be driven to Brussels,
Belgium, in order to attend the first public award of the “Oswald
Spengler Prize” to a globally renowned contemporary author. The
ceremony will be followed by a formal dinner; accommodation for the
participants will be provided for by the Society. On 20th October, a
shuttle service will be set up for those having to return to Brussels
or Cologne airport.

The “Oswald Spengler Society” invites those interested in attending
the conference and the subsequent social event to submit, by 28th
February 2018 latest, the following documents by email (to

- A CV complete with publication list
- An abstract (min. 300 words) of their intended paper.

PhD-students are particularly welcome to present their “work in
progress”; a publication of the conference proceedings is planned.
For students and PhD students accepted, the Society will cover as
much of the travel expenses as possible. All those submitting a paper
will be informed during the first halve of March about the outcome of
the selection.

Mission of the Oswald Spengler Society for the Study of Humanity and World History

The Society engages in the understanding of the principles underlying
Human Evolution and World History and its perspectives. It is
dedicated to the comparative study of cultures and civilizations,
including pre-history, the evolution of humanity as a whole and
extrapolations regarding the possible future of man. It draws
inspiration from the works and ideas of Oswald Spengler, but aims at
applying state-of-the-art multidisciplinary approaches including
evolutionary theory, sociobiology, philosophy, psychology,
jurisprudence and archeology. Both generalist and specialist are
welcome to engage which each other in a constructive dialogue on the
evolution of societies from earliest time throughout our human
history in order to gain insight into the functioning and fate of
present-day societies. The Society also welcomes efforts to shed
light on the development of World and Universal History as a
scholarly discipline including a critical reassessment of Oswald
Spengler’s works and background.


Prof. Dr. David Engels
Prof. Dr. Max Otte
Prof. Dr. Michael Thöndl


Oswald Spengler Society
for the Study of Humanity and World History
Email: spengler.society(at)