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Alterity – Engaging 'Otherness'

Call for Papers

Theme: Alterity – Engaging 'Otherness'
Type: 13th Annual Postgraduate Philosophy Conference
Institution: Postgraduate Philosophy Association of South Africa
  University of Pretoria
Location: Pretoria (South Africa)
Date: 19.–20.10.2018
Deadline: 22.6.2018

The 13th annual conference of the Postgraduate Philosophy Association
of South Africa will be hosted by the University of Pretoria. The PPA
conference will run from the 19-20th October 2018. Postgraduate
students in all areas of Philosophy are invited to submit abstracts
in line with the theme of Alterity.

Conference Structure

The 13th PPA conference is structured to include two Keynote speakers
and philosophers who will act as respondents to postgraduate work.

We are pleased to announce a special issue of the South African
Journal of Philosophy (SAJP). Presenters will be invited to submit
their revised papers to a special issue of the SAJP, thus providing
postgraduate students with experience in seeing their work to
peer-reviewed publication. The Conference and the process of
publication following on from it, will provide a unique opportunity
for students to experience what it means to enter the public domain -
through argumentation, debate, academic writing, presentation and

Alterity – Engaging ‘Otherness’

Alterity has received considerable attention in literary and cultural
studies, identified in the scholarship of post-colonial theorists
such as Gayatri Spivak, Homi K. Bhabha, Edward Said and Michael
Taussig. In philosophy, the concept can be considered in relation to
Merleau-Ponty’s contributions on ontology and phenomenology, Levinas’
work on language and alterity of thought, while Sartre’s treatise on
Negritude in Black Orpheus lends itself substantially to the
consideration of variant conceptions of alterity. The conference is
organised with the knowledge of the distinct approaches to alterity
and aims to inspire critical debate on divergent definitions,
understandings and engagements with alterity. Promoting responsive
research in the discipline, this PPA encourages engagement with work
on decoloniality, curriculum transformation and epistemic justice.
The PPA therefore invites contributions that consider Alterity.

This PPA on Alterity invites contributions from graduates working in
all subsets of the discipline; phenomenology, ethics, epistemology,
feminist theory, political theory, and metaphysics to mention a few.

Format of Conference

Sessions will be 40 minutes long – please allow roughly 20-25 minutes
for presentation and 15 minutes for discussion and questions.

Full Papers

Submission date of Full Papers: 22 June 2018.

Please email FULL PAPERS of 3500-4000 words including references on
or before the deadline specified above to:

Notification of acceptance will be sent out by July 15th,

Venue & Conference Fee

Conference Venue:
Graduate Centre at the University of Pretoria
Hatfield Campus

Conference Fee:
R450 for both days

This fee will cover tea/ coffee and a light lunch.


Accommodation near the Hatfield campus of the university is available
for booking. Some suggestions for guest houses are as follows:

1322 Backpackers Situated 2.6km from main campus
012 362 3905
Room prices ranging from R170 pp to R500pp

Hatfield Budget Accommodation Situated 2.4km from main campus
082 544 3278
Room process ranging from R300 per single room and R400 per twin room


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