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Human Rights

Call for Papers

Theme: Human Rights
Subtitle: Feminist- and Gender-Philosophical Perspectives
Type: Interdisciplinary Symposium
Institution: Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna
Location: Vienna (Austria)
Date: 16.–17.11.2018
Deadline: 1.5.2018

In recent years especially, international theories of justice and
cosmopolitan ethics have addressed questions of justification and
implementation of human rights and investigated their moral,
political, legal and cultural significance. Nonetheless, the central
idea of human rights that all humans are equal still remains not only
a major philosophical problem, but also a juridico-political
challenge. Hence, we are confronted with a series of fundamental
theoretical, as well as practical questions. Especially in the light
of the current political developments, namely an authoritarian shift
in large parts of Europe and in the United States, the symposium aims
at re-discussing, revising and reviving the theoretical status as
well as the ethico-political significance of human rights in
contemporary debates. By emphasizing a feminist- and
gender-philosophical perspective, we especially wish to target
problems of gender-related inequality, poverty, and discrimination,
but also discuss possible emancipatory strategies.

The symposium welcomes submissions from all disciplines,
sub-disciplines and tendencies inside philosophy as well as
interdisciplinary papers and projects. Please prepare a short outline
of the proposed contribution (up to 600 words) and send it to:

Please include the relevant contact details: name, affiliation with
academic institution/ independent scholars, postal address and

Deadline for submission is 1st May 2018.

We ask participants to send a draft of their full paper-version in
September. All accepted contributions will be published as an
academic paper in a special volume of the SWIP Austria Series.

Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna

Prof. Dr. Kallhoff and SWIP Austria

Organizing Team:
Prof. Dr. Angela Kallhoff, Mag. Anna Wieder, Eva Bobst, MA, Mag. Dr.
Brigitte Buchhammer (SWIP Austria)


Prof. Dr. Kallhoff and SWIP Austria
Department of Philosophy
University of Vienna
NIG, Universitaetsstr. 7
A-1010 Vienna