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Translation Across Borders

Call for Papers

Theme: Translation Across Borders
Subtitle: Genres and Geographies
Type: II Annual International Conference
Institution: Caesurae Collective Society
  Department of English, Maulana Azad National Urdu University
Location: Hyderabad (India)
Date: 9.–11.10.2018
Deadline: 8.9.2018

Etymologically translation means carrying across, and
commonsensically, we assume that the carrying happens across
language. But, the boundaries of a language are often coterminous
with the boundaries of nation, state, culture, and community (whether
imagined or real). What happens when a text crosses these boundaries
is an interesting phenomenon to explore in Translation Studies and
allied fields. The questions that such boundary-crossing raises are
many: What happens to the text? What happens to the nation, state,
culture, community into which it is translated? What happens to the
language, nation, state, culture, community which allows its texts to
go across? What happens to the translator, when texts are moved
across borders? How do translators move? These questions have been
addressed to some extent and fascinating answers are before us.
Still, there are many facets of this phenomenon of moving across
borders which need to be investigated and conceptualized.

In recent times, we find texts moving not only across languages, but
also across mediums, genres, literary traditions both within and
across languages. Novels and short stories becoming plays; plays
turning into short stories; films/videos reincarnating as remakes,
dubbed versions or with subtitles; multi-lingual texts and
multi-medial texts are all around us today. In the last decade or so,
we have also witnessed a shift in interest from time (History)
towards space (Geography) and interesting work has been published in
the area of Translation and Cities. We are hoping that this
conference will bring together scholars working in these areas to
further our knowledge of the field.

Following is an indicative list of rubrics under which abstracts are

- Translation and Space
- Translation and Cities
- Translation and Borders
- Translation and Places
- Dubbing
- Subtitling
- Remakes
- Translation as Crossing Genres
- Audio-video Texts in Translation
- Authors in Translation
- Genres in Translation
- Function of Translation in Source and / or Target Culture
- Translational Spaces
- Translational Relations Between Languages, Cultures, Texts

Conference venue:
Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad, India

Last date for receiving Abstracts:
8 September 2018

Email for sending Abstracts:

Date of intimation of acceptance of Abstracts:
15 September 2018

Selected papers from the Conference will be considered for
publication in future editions of our UGC-approved multi-media
e-Journal Caesurae: Poetics of Cultural Translation.

Workshops, Exhibitions and Cultural programmes:
Along with the academic sessions of the Conference, a host of
cultural events, including Art and Music Workshops by leading artists
and musicians, Exhibitions and Cultural programmes will be held.

Registration fees

- With accommodation:
Rs. 3500 for Indian / 200 $ for overseas participants
(Registration fees will cover accommodation on twin-sharing basis at
MANUU Guest House; breakfast, lunch, refreshments on Conference days;
Conference kit; and access to Exhibitions and Cultural programmes)

- Without accommodation:
Rs. 1500 for Indian / 150 $ for overseas participants
(Registration fees will cover working lunch and refreshments on
Conference days, Conference kit, and access to Exhibitions and
Cultural programmes).

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