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14.02.2019 11:35 Alter: 154 days

The Power of Maps and the Politics of Borders

Call for Papers

Theme: The Power of Maps and the Politics of Borders
Type: International Interdisciplinary Conference
Institution: American Philosophical Society
Location: Philadelphia, PA (USA)
Date: 10.–12.10.2019
Deadline: 15.3.2019

The American Philosophical Society Library invites scholars in all
fields to submit paper proposals for an international and
interdisciplinary conference investigating the power of maps and the
politics of drawing borders. This three-day conference will be held
in conjunction with the APS Museum’s exhibit, Mapping a Nation:
Shaping the Early American Republic, which traces the creation and
use of maps from the mid-eighteenth century through the early
republic to show the different ways in which maps produced and
extended the physical, political, and ideological boundaries of the
new nation while creating and reinforcing structural inequalities.

The program committee is now accepting proposals for the conference.
While the exhibit and conference are focused in particular on the
early American republic, the committee will consider proposals whose
work places such themes in broader geographic and chronological
contexts. Potential topics include (but are not limited to):

- The forms of power expressed by maps and through the process of
 mapmaking in the Atlantic World

- The politics of borders as symbols of conflict, contestation,
 negotiation, and peace during the American Revolution 

- The role of maps in state-building efforts and in constructing a
 sense of nationhood during the early national period, while also
 serving as a means of disempowerment and exclusion

- The varied uses of maps as diplomatic tools, as legal documents, as
 works of art, as assertions of sovereignty, and in other ways during
 the Age of Atlantic Revolutions

- The different forms of cartographic knowledge that existed in
 colonial and revolutionary North America

- The labor, skills, technologies, and publications used in the
 creation and dissemination of maps in the eighteenth and nineteenth

- The various ways maps were read in the early republic and are
 interpreted today by scholars and others

- The role of maps and other cartographic tools in enabling or
 hindering scientific expeditions, and the ways in which new
 scientific thinking shaped maps and mapmaking in the Enlightenment

Applicants should submit a title and a 250-word proposal along with a
C.V. by March 15, 2019 via Interfolio:

Decisions will be announced in May, 2019. All presenters will receive
travel subsidies and hotel accommodations. Accepted papers will be
due a month before the conference and pre-circulated to registered
attendees. Papers should be no longer than 15-double spaced pages.
Presenters may also have the opportunity to publish revised papers in
the APS’s Proceedings, one of the longest running scholarly journals
in America.


Adrianna Link
Scholarly Programs
American Philosophical Society