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The Conception, Constitution and Structure of the Self

Call for Applications

Theme: The Conception, Constitution and Structure of the Self 
Type: Multi-Disciplinary Fellowship
Institution: APRA Foundation Berlin
Location: Berlin (Germany)
Date: 2020
Deadline: 1.10.2019

The APRA Foundation Berlin supports research that exemplifies,
models, analyzes and/or theorizes the divergent multi-disciplinary
expressions of the self encouraged by globalization and
cross-cultural journeying.

The APRA Foundation Berlin Multi-Disciplinary Fellowship has the
purpose of promoting research on the conception, constitution and
structure of the self, with the educational goals of

- increasing knowledge and public awareness of individual and
 societal strategies for surviving and flourishing in a global
 environment; and
- discovering, identifying and promoting the cross-disciplinary
 and cross-cultural flexibility through which these strategies are

The research topic of the conception, constitution and structure of
the self includes but is not limited to

- the relation among intuition, emotion, and reason in the self;
- the relationship among logic, rationality and scientific method;
- intrapersonal consistency in action through time;
- the relation between individual and societal conceptions of the person;
- the tensions and conflicts between individual and societal needs, obligations and expectations;
- individual and societal memory and moral responsibility;
- the interpersonal and institutional dynamics of xenophobia;
- difference, anomaly and originality in the natural and social sciences;
- the psychology of bodily, social and geographical boundary-violation;
- the function of social transgression in defining individuals and enhancing social cohesion;
- methods and procedures of self-investigation in Vedic and Western psychology;
- comparative conceptions of the self in Vedic and Western philosophy;
- constructions of the self through personal narrative and/or social mythology;
- the interpersonal (familial, communal, social, political) dynamics of self-respect, self-worth, self-confidence, and/or self-regard;
- the construction of and preconditions for personal identity.

The APRA Foundation Berlin Multi-Disciplinary Fellowship is a single,
annual competitive research grant designed for intellectuals who

- are proven high achievers in at least two seemingly disparate
 fields of scholarship and/or the arts simultaneously; and
- wish to use the APRA Foundation Berlin’s resources to research
 the conception, constitution and/or structure of the self in either
 or both of them.

Applications for the APRA Foundation Berlin Multidisciplinary
Fellowship should include, in PDF format,

- a 500-word description of the project and projected timetable for
 the various stages of its completion;
- a current Curriculum Vitae; and
- the names and complete street and email addresses for four
 recommenders, two in each of the applicant's fields of
 specialization in scholarship and/or the arts respectively.

The application should also include the following supporting
materials as appropriate to the disciplines involved:

- two recent publications; and/or
- digital media documentation in JPEG format (for images), MP4
 format (for video), and/or MP3 format (for audio).

These materials cannot be returned. They should be collected on a CD
and/or DVD, to be sent via registered mail to

APRA Foundation Berlin
Postfach 2 88 52
D-10131 Berlin
Attention: Multi-Disciplinary Fellowship

Application deadline is October 1, 2019.
The Fellowship award is announced no later than 31 March of the
following calendar year.

For further information, please visit: