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African Philosophy and the Reconstruction of Fractured Epistemologies

Table of Contents

Theme: African Philosophy and the Reconstruction of Fractured Epistemologies
Publication: Synthesis philosophica
Date: Vol. 33, No. 1 (2018)

A special edition of Synthesis philosophica on "African Philosophy
and the Reconstruction of Fractured Epistemologies" has just been
published, edited by Isaac Ukpokolo and Elvin Imafidon.

The volume is available as open access here:


African Philosophy and the Reconstruction of Fractured Epistemologies
Isaac Ehaleoye Ukpokolo, Elvin Imafidon

Reconstructing a Fractured Indigenous Knowledge System (5-22)
Anselm Kole Jimoh

Oral Tradition, Epistemic Dependence, and Knowledge in African
Cultures (23-40)
Polycarp Ikuenobe

The Positivist Demand and the Betrayed Tradition of Tacit Knowledge
in an African Thought System. Fractures in Esan Epistemology (41-50)
Isaac Ehaleoye Ukpokolo

Reconstructing African Fractured Epistemologies for African
Development (51-76)
Wilfred Lajul

Knowledge, Power Matrix, and the Vision of African Renaissance (77-90)
Benjamin Timi Olujohungbe

Western versus African Medical Knowledge Systems. A Comparative
Epistemological Analysis (91-104)
Alex Egodotaye Asakitikpi

African Experience, Development, and the Metaphysical Radicalism of
the African Humanities (105-121)
Jacob Aleonote Aigbodioh

On Indigenous African Epistemology: Mythographic Representations of
the Witchcraft Phenomenon in the Ifá Text (123-147)
Omotade Adegbindin

Cultural Reconstruction of Iwa Ji Festival in Igbo-Ukwu, and
Fractured Igbo Identity (149-164)
Francesca C Ukpokolo, Obiageli C. Okoye, Olatunde B. Lawuyi

Is the African Feminist Moral Epistemology of Care Fractured?
(165-177) Elvis Imafidon

Beyond Fractured Epistemology: A Discourse of the Idea of Personhood
and Personalism in Igbo and Yoruba Moral System (179-196)
Philip Edema

Love as the Foundation of Ubuntu (197-208)
Mpho Tshivhase

What is the Essence of an Essence? Comparing Afro-Relational and
Western-Individualist Ontologies (209-224)
Thaddeus Metz

How not to Do African Epistemology (225-236)
Peter Aloysius Ikhane

White Supremacy in Eurocentric Epistemologies: On the West’s
Responsibility for its Philosophical Heritage (237-249)
Björn Freter

A Short History of Protagoras’ Philosophy (251-262)
Janko M. Lozar

The Aporias of Kitsch (263-277)
Mirjana Radojičić

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