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Critical Theory Today

Call for Publications

Theme: Critical Theory Today
Subtitle: An Old Paradigm for new Challenges?
Publication: Azimuth. Philosophical Coordinates in Modern and
Contemporary Age
Date: Vol. 8, No. 16 (2020)
Deadline: 15.5.2020

In the last two decades critical theory, in its various declinations,
has shown great vitality. In the tradition inspired by the Frankfurt
School concepts and approaches proper to the first generation
(Horckheimer, Adorno, Marcuse) have been recovered and re-actualized.
On the basis of theoretical reflections on the method and scope of a
critical theory of society, concepts and categories which had been
marginalized from international philosophical debates (such as
reification, alienation, and ideology) have gained new critical

On the other hand, the very concept of critical theory has been
reformulated and enlarged, as a result of the intersection between
different traditions of thought (pragmatism, post-structuralism,
post-colonial studies, feminist thought, gender and race studies,
environmental humanities, etc.). This has also facilitated the
acknowledgement of flaws and ideological biases affecting some
theoretical presuppositions of Frankfurt Critical Theory. Not always,
however, this theoretical work has been accompanied by
multidisciplinary social research, in conformity  with the original
program of the Frankfurt School.

In light of these considerations,  Azimuth intends to offer a
platform to explore the possibilities that recent theoretical and
methodological reflections can offer for the diagnosis of present
social pathologies. How can we develop on this basis a renewed
critique of present capitalism, growing authoritarianism, cultural
industry, or personality structures? How can we approach within this
tradition questions that had been only marginally addressed, such as
gender and race oppression, and “new” problems, such as
digitalization, artificial intelligence, or the destruction of the
natural environment?

For the next volume of Azimuth  we will welcome papers dealing with
the contribution of Critical  Theory to a better understanding of our
present, with special regard to:

- the crisis of democracy, populism and authoritarianism;
- cultural industry and new media;
- neoliberal capitalism;
- digitalization and artificial intelligence;
- anthropocene and environmental catastrophe;
- gender, race and colonial oppression;
- new social movements and forms of protest;
- critique of political theology.

We invite contributions in English, German, French, Italian and
Spanish. Please send your papers to (subject of the e-mail: Azimuth
proposal issue VIII (2020) 16):

Deadline (for the complete article):

Min-Max contribution length:
Contributions are expected to be between 25.000 characters and 34.000
characters. Authors of accepted manuscripts will be asked to edit
their contributions according to Azimuth editorial guidelines.


Giorgio Fazio
(Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)

Gianluca Cavallo
(Goete-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

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