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Bodies and cultures

Call for Publications

Theme: Bodies and cultures
Subtitle: How we become ourselves
Publication: Aisthesis. Pratiche, linguaggi e saperi dell’estetico
Date: Vol. XII, Issue II (2019)
Deadline: 20.7.2019

For the second issue 2019 we welcome submissions on the topic “Bodies
and cultures. How we become ourselves”.

This issue aims to question the apparently naïve Voltairian argument
that our noses are made to wear glasses. We shall discuss to what
extent cognitive processes and bodily performances are engendered or
rather expressed by cultural practices and material objects, and
challenge the understanding of the implied notions of nature and
culture as a polarity.

We intend to address three major questions:

1) How does our living body relate to inorganic prostheses – from
rocks to shoes – so as to involve them in our ordinary intellectual

2) Can we establish a discontinuity between functional objects and
cultural products, or should we instead think in evolutionary terms
also within the realm of material agency, tracing a trajectory from
tools to symbolic artefacts and devices, and mirroring human evolution

3) Is the increasing attention paid by scholars trained in Western
dualistic thought to the animacy of inorganic bodies leading us
toward a “second-hand animism”, or are we facing an actual turning
point in humanities?

Key words: material agency, bodily agency, human cognition, symbolic
practices, enhancement, affordances, prosthetics.

We welcome contributions from scholars in aesthetics, phenomenology,
cognitive sciences, philosophical anthropology, art history, and
visual and performance studies.

Deadline for submission: July 20 2019
Expected release: November 2019

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