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Global Justice and Education

Table of Contents

Theme: Global Justice and Education
Publication: Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric
Date: Vol 12 No 1 (2019)


Special Issue on Global Justice and Education
Julian Culp


Epistemic Capabilities and Epistemic Injustice: What is the Role of
Higher Education in Fostering Epistemic Contributions of Marginalized
Knowledge Producers?
Alejandra Boni, Diana Velasco

Global Citizenship Education, Global Educational Injustice and the
Postcolonial Critique
Johannes Drerup

Low-Fee Private Schools in Developing Nations: Some Cautionary Remarks
Juan Espindola

International Educational Justice: Educational Resources for Students
Living Abroad
Lindsey Schwartz

Autonomy Education Beyond Borders
Danielle Zwarthoed


The Troubling Modesty of Human Rights
Theodore Lai

Capitalism, Human Rights, and Critical Theory
Cain Shelley

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