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07.11.2014 11:00 Alter: 5 yrs

Comparative Perspectives on Multiculturalism

Call for Publications

Theme: Comparative Perspectives on Multiculturalism, Publication: Edited Volume, published by Pickering & Chatto

We are currently organising a volume with Pickering & Chatto on comparative perspectives on multiculturalism. The project was reviewed by Pickering & Chatto and a contract will be issued as soon as the chapters are completed. This volume includes views on multiculturalism from the history of political thought, Marxism, Liberalism, Chinese philosophy, among other philosophical perspectives. We are looking for papers to finalise the volume on any of the following themes:

- utilitarian perspective on multiculturalism
- anarchist perspective on multiculturalism
- feminist perspective on multiculturalism
- Indian philosophy perspective on multiculturalism
- Chinese philosophy perspective on multiculturalism (especially Daoism and Confucianism)
- Jewish Philosophy and multiculturalism
- Tocqueville and Multiculturalism

Other perspectives can also be accepted, but we are giving priority to the aforementioned ones.

Please send us, as soon as possible, an abstract, a CV and your availability to write the chapter to: lccmr1984(at)


Dr. Luís Cordeiro Rodrigues
Email: lccmr1984(at)