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Brazilian Postcolonialities

Table of Contents

Theme: Brazilian Postcolonialities, Publication: P: Portuguese Cultural Studies, Date: Vol. 4 (Fall 2012)

This thematic issue of 'Portuguese Cultural Studies' focuses on the interactions between critiques of colonialism and coloniality, and Brazilian studies. We have aimed at producing analyzes of Brazilian culture and society that address power inbalances and ideologies related to colonial expansion at current times of neo-liberal globalization. Our initial call for papers sought to ellicit theoretical perspectives across disciplines well suited for an evaluation of Brazilian contemporaneity dedicated to its (re)thinking and (re)interpreting through fruitful (dis)encounters between Postcolonial theory and other critical traditions, namely from the South.

By proposing an issue on "Brazilian Postcolonialities" it has also been our aim to address a long lasting dispute in the Humanities around the value of the postcolonial in/to Brazil. To which extent do the bodies of theories and modes of reading offered by what has come to be known as Postcolonial Studies can and cannot be useful to understand the historical and cultural processes that frame contemporary Brazil? That is certainly one of the questions we believe the articles presented here will help to discuss.

P: Portuguese Cultural Studies
ISSN: 1874-6969

Editors: Patricia Schor and Emanuelle Santos


Interview with Ella Shohat and Robert Stam:
"Brazil Is Not Travelling Enough": On Postcolonial Theory and Analogous Counter-Currents

Claudia de Lima Costa
Feminismo e Tradução Cultural: Sobre a Colonialidade do Género e a Descolonização do Saber

Kamila Krakowska
O Turista Aprendiz e o Outro: a(s) Identidade(s) Brasileira(s) em Trânsito

Letícia Maria Costa da Nóbrega Cesarino
Brazilian Postcolonialism and Emerging South-South Relations: A View from Anthropology

Carolina Correia dos Santos
Sobre o Olhar do Narrador e seus Efeitos em Os Sertões e Cidade de Deus

Diego Santos Vieira de Jesus
Not the Boy Next Door: An Essay on Exclusion and Brazilian Foreign Policy

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