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Journal of World Philosophies

Table of Contents

Publication: Journal of World Philosophies
Date: Vol. 4, No. 1 (2019)

The Journal of World Philosophies' Summer issue has just been
released. You can access it under:

Table of Contents


Wulf D. Hund:
The Racism of Eric Voegelin

Thomas Heyd:
Pilgrimage Journeying in Matsuo Bashō and Alexander von Humboldt

George L. Israel:
Zhan Ruoshui at his Dake Academy on Mount Xiqiao, 1517-1521:
Scholarship, Pedagogy, and Philosophy

Michael Nylan:
Investments in Patriotism: A Case Study of the PRC in the Post-Deng

Loubna El Amine:
On the Liberatory Potential of the Past: The Case of Non-feudal China

Steven Burik:
Subverting Institutions: Derrida and Zhuangzi on the Power of


Kim Anderson, Elena Flores Ruíz, Georgina Tuari Stewart, Madina
Tlostanova: What Can Indigenous Feminist Knowledge and Practices
Bring to “Indigenizing” the Academy?

Philosophical Journeys

Thérèse-Anne Druart:
From Plato to al-Fârâbî

J.L. Shaw:
Philosophical Journey: Bridging the Gap

Book Reviews

Monima Chadha:
How to Strawson a Buddhist-Buddhaghosa

Jiří Holba:
What is the Future of Indian Philosophy?

Hirotaka Nakano:
Toward a Re-orientation of Comparative Studies

Survey Article

Benedetta Lanfranchi:
The Postcolonial Condition and Its Possible Futures in Achille
Mbembe, Tsenay Serequeberhan and Lewis R. Gordon


Benedikt Paul Göcke:
A Reply to Lataster and Bilimoria’s Paper “Panentheism(s): What It is
and is Not”

R.T. Mullins:
Panentheism is Still Vague: A Reply to Lataster and Bilimoria

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