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Provincializing 'Western Education'

Table of Contents

Theme: Provincializing 'Western Education'
Publication: on_education: Journal for Research and Debate
Date: No. 7 (April 2020)

We are delighted to announce that the 7th issue of on_education is
now online:

This issue deals with `post- and decolonial´ approaches to
educational theory and practice. Starting from historian Dipesh
Chakrabarty’s call for ‘provincializing Europe‘, this issue presents
a lively debate about the necessity and possibility, the prospects
and pitfalls of decolonizing and provincializing ‘Western Education’
in a globalized world.

Drawing on different theoretical frameworks and traditions, the
authors engage in a much-needed and vigorous debate by offering both
well-argued critiques and defenses of ‘Western’ conceptions of

Sharon Stein, Vanessa Andreotti, Rene Suša, Cash Ahenakew & Lynn
Mario de Souza take up the thorny issue of `Decoloniality and its
discontents´ by engaging in a critical conversation with a recent
article by Edward Vickers (2019) on postcolonial critique in
comparative education.

Julian Culp interrogates various possibilities of provincializing
‘the west’ and warns against the dangers of essentializing ‘the east’.

Poonam Batra discusses Indian education reform from the perspective
of continuing ‘coloniality‘ and the failures of ‘epistemic justice‘.

Monika Kirloskar-Steinbach dwells upon “bodies and publics“ in
decolonization critiques as discursively deployed in two
spatiotemporal contexts (US-American and post-Holocaust Germany).

Drawing on the German tradition of the history of education, Phillip
Knobloch asks what exactly is to be overcome when debating the
problem of Eurocentric perspectives.

Kai Horsthemke discusses `the provincialization of epistemology´
itself and questions some of the assertions of ‘(de)colonization’ of
knowledge in education. Instead, he makes a case for `an applied
epistemology for the real world´ in `the age of the postcolony´.

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert draws attention to decolonising discourses in
education as symptoms of theoretical and political impasse.

William Gaudelli insightfully ponders over the “trouble of Western
education“, including the paradox of how to appropriate its own

Finally, Miri Yemini draws on the case of a Jewish religious school
in Israel to discuss `the religion, globalisation and education
triangle´ in the provincialization of contemporary educational

All contributions provide rich food for thought in these challenging
times and we are inviting you, as always, to engage in this lively

In case you are interested you may write a critical reply to one of
the articles. Replies will be processed like invited contributions.
This means they will be assessed according to standard criteria of
quality, relevance, and civility.

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