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African Studies

Call for Publications

Theme: African Studies
Publication: Edited Volumes
Deadline: 5.6.2020

Each of the following call for papers for edited volumes are meant to
raise the African Studies profile of the University of Mauritius.
They will be published by globally renowned publishing outlets at
times in collaboration with the University of Mauritius Press. Each
edited volume project includes one international virtual papers
sharing global seminar and in two cases, face to face global
conferences if possible. I am also looking for co-editors for each
volume so please feel free to volunteer. The papers for each volume
should be no more than 30 double spaced pages in length including
references. 12 font. APA citation/ reference style.

Paper abstracts with brief bios are due June 5, 2020 and final paper
drafts are due as indicated. This internal call for papers is as
well, being distributed nationally and globally. For those of you who
have already submitted abstracts, bios, and papers please resubmit.

1. What is the Virtuous African Democracy?

Theme: If the Westerners can ask such philosophical questions why
can' t we of African and African Diasporic descent? So this is a
think piece oriented writing project-- idealistic and
futuristic..wishful thinking about a particular topic such as
governance, civil society, climate control, medicine and health, rule
of law, media, economy, human rights, food security, education,
academia, sciences, technology, faith, peace, built environments,
anti-corruption, etc. Virtual Seminar: September 14, 2021. Final
papers are due on November 19, 2021.

2. Best Practices for Justice and Peace In Africa and African

Theme: No justice no peace! faith, interfaith, and secular best
practices justice and peace concepts, applications, and case studies
in African nations and nations outside Africa with significant
African Diasporas populations. Final papers due April 1, 2021. Papers
supplement papers presented in an April 5-7, 2021 Justice and Peace
in Africa and in African Diasporas Conference.

3. African and African Diasporas Indigenous Roots of Scientific
  Knowledge (Behavioral, Physical, Social)

Theme: African Heritage epistemological, ethical, theoretical,
methodological, and applications roots of sciences broadly defined as
knowledges and logics of inquires originating in the East, West, and
in Africa. Final papers due November 16, 2021 with a virtual seminar.

4. 2015-2020: National Elections and Civil Societies in Africa - Case

Theme: Using relevant non-western and western perspectives to explore
the most recent cases of national elections and the emerging roles of
civil societies in inducing regime changes or close calls. Virtual
Seminar: January 20, 2021. Final papers due March 12, 2021.

5. Best Practices in Preventing Sexual Violence Against Girls and
  Women in Africa and in African Diasporas.

Theme: Papers for an edited volume recommending best practices to
prevent sexual violence against girls and women for high government
and civil society bodies in Africa and in African Diasporas nations.
Edited volume generating virtual/face to face conference in November,
date to be determined. Final papers due January 29, 2021.

6. Rethinking African Sustainable Development

Theme: What REALLY IS African Sustainable Development? How often is
this phrase a political myth or ideology or based upon
mismeasurements and other Eastern/Western biases or lingering
colonial and Social Darwinist presumptions, and what are more
relevant and empowering ways to conceptualize what African
Sustainable Development is. Virtual Seminar: October 12, 2021. Final
papers due on January 28, 2022.

7. Who Is An African?

Theme: Not only but certainly including Mauritius, the question of
Who Is An African is a hot button issue across the continent and
around the world. It is an exacerbated paradoxical issue of
individual and collective identity too often politicalized or on the
other extreme, taboo topic in need of much more cool-headed impartial
analysis. Virtual Seminar in October 2021. Final papers due January
25, 2022.

8. New Studies of Race and Racism in Africa and Asia

Theme: Conceptions and narratives of race and racism in Africa and
Asia with special attention being paid to the Indian Ocean Region,
China, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Virtual Seminar: January 26,
2021. Final papers due April 9, 2021.

9. Comparative Post-Slavery/Indenturehood Studies

Theme: What happens when African Slavery/Asian Indenturehood legally
ends regarding the human rights, human rights violations (such as
discriminatory employment and housing policies, lynchings, massacres,
mass incarceration), and quality of life prospects, problems,
improvements through human rights movements lead by legally freed
people and their allies? In what ways does slavery/indenturehood
continue or is transformed into authentic equality and freedom?
Virtual Seminar in February 2021. Final paper due April 7, 2021.

10. Media and Public Intellectuals in African Democracies

Theme: What are the roles of media venues and houses and public
intellectuals in African democracies with comparisions and contrasts
with Eastern and Western democracies? Virtual Seminar: November
16,2021. Final Papers due January 21,2022.

11. Africanizing The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Theme: Africans as innovative owners as well as consumers in the
fourth industrial revolution; extending decolonizing studies to the
fourth industrial revolution. Virtual Seminar in November 2020. Final
Papers due February 5, 2021.

12. Living in and After The COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa and Asia and
   in Asian and African Diasporas

Theme: The cultural, economic, education, emotional, political,
social, and technological impacts of living in and after the COVID-19
Pandemic in Africa and Asia and in African and Asia Diasporas. Though
many journals and publishing houses are rushing to press on this
matter, our time frame for writing and submitting papers is to
provide time to observe a bit more about how COVID-19 and aftermath
impacts unfold. Virtual Seminar: October 14, 2020. Final papers due:
February 12, 2021.

Please feel free to email me here if you have any questions or
proposals for other edited volume/virtual seminar in projects in
African and African Diasporas Studies:

SSR Chair of African Studies Mandate

The SSR Chair mandate is to leverage the number 1 democracy in Africa
status of Mauritius and to transform the University into a high
profile beach head of innovative best practice policy ideas about and
for the continent of Africa and for global African Diasporas, through
national and international partnerships around the continent and
otherwise world, and through hosting publication generating virtual
and face to face lectures, conferences, seminars, and workshops.

We will also be establishing a multi-thematic virtual global Ph.D.
and Masters Program in African and African Diasporas Studies. It will
be embedded in a consortium of faculty drawn from a number of
national, continent, and otherwise global universities, government
agencies, corporations, faith communities, nonprofit organizations,
and media houses.

This is all to say though Mauritians deservingly are proud of their
phenomenal beaches renowned worldwide, it would be beneficial to the
nation as well to become distinguished as an admired African
democracy through its foremost public university, in select areas
innovative policy thinking, advocacy, and effective practice.


Professor John H. Stanfield, II
SSR Chair of African Studies
Center for Innovation and Lifelong Learning (CILL)
University of Mauritius
4th Floor, Core Building, Ebene
Reduit 80837
Phone: +230-5443-2001
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