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Sexuality, Capitalism, and Africa

Call for Publications

Theme: Sexuality, Capitalism, and Africa
Publication: Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology (JBSP)
Date: Special Issue
Deadline: 2.7.2018

Friedrich Engels was one of the first authors to relate the critique
of capitalism to a sexual politics when he showed, in The Origin of
the Family, Private Property and the State, that the Western model of
the nuclear family performs a central ideological function in the
reproduction of capital and class and gender inequality.

Owing to the emergence of Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis, the
critique of capitalism by such authors as Gilles Deleuze, Félix
Gauttari, and Jean-François Lyotard, to name just these, was embedded
in a politics of desire. This is a politics based on the recognition
that the social field, including the political institutions of
liberalism and the circulation of commodities on the market, is
invested with libidinal forces and intensities. From its perspective,
the family is not merely a unit of consumption in civil society or
the space in which consent to patriarchal norms is manufactured. It
is the space where the explosive force of desire is domesticated by
means of the Oedipal complex and where a subject, defined by lack,
guilt, and the fear of punishment, is produced.

How does capitalist production exploit the forces of desire and the
intensities of emotion? To what extent are such forces and
intensities destabilizing and disruptive of social identities and of
the identity of the system? What kind of fantasies does capitalism
produce as substitute means of gratification? What mechanisms, codes,
or values does it use to bind and unbind the flow of desire? How are
sexual pleasure and the orgasm put in the service of capitalism?

These questions are of particular relevance in a postcolonial
context, especially in African countries with emerging economies, in
which capitalism, sexism, and racism are receiving increasing
critical attention.

This special issue invites contributions that address some of these
questions with a focus on developments on the African continent.

Submissions on the following topics are welcome:
- The fetishism of commodity production;
- Sexual politics, feminism, identity politics;
- The social construction of sex, race, gender, and class;
- The production of post/capitalist subjectivities;
- Psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt school, and Critical Theory;
- Nietzsche, Freud, Marx;
- Western and African socialism;
- Capitalism and desire in postcolonies and emerging economies

The deadline for submission is Monday the 2nd of July 2018 for
publication in JBSP. Manuscripts should be ca. 8000 words in length
(including references and footnotes). All manuscripts must be
prepared for anonymous review and submitted to:

Guest Editors:
Rafael Winkler (UJ)
Abraham Olivier (UFH)

Further enquiries can be addressed to Rafael Winkler (Guest Editor)
at rwinkler(at), Abraham Olivier (Guest Editor) at
aolivier(at), or Ullrich Haase (Editor-in-Chief) at