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Journal of World Philosophies

Table of Contents

Publication: Journal of World Philosophies
Date: Vol 2, No 2 (Winter 2017)

The latest issue of the Journal of World Philosophies (e-ISSN
2474-1795) can be accessed under this link:
The issue’s ToC is pasted below.

Journal of World Philosophies, Volume 2, Number 2, Winter 2017


Takeshi Morisato
Translation of Tanabe Hajime’s “The Limit of Logicism in
Epistemology: A Critique of the Marburg and Freiburg Schools”

Jameliah Shorter-Bourhanou
Legitimizing Blacks in Philosophy

Peter Barker
The Social Structure of Islamicate Science

Author Meets Readers

Dan Flory
Race, History, and Affect: Comments on Peter K. J. Park’s “Africa,
Asia, and the History of Philosophy”

Leah Kalmanson
Decolonizing the Department: Peter K. J. Park and the Profession of

Peter K. J. Park
Why It Makes Sense to Talk of Decolonizing the Philosophy Department

Mark Larrimore
Whiteness and the Philosophy of History of Philosophy

Sonia Sikka
Racism(s) and Philosophy Curricula: A Response to Park, Kalmanson and

Are Certain Knowledge Frameworks More Congenial to the Aims of
Cross-Cultural Philosophy?

Leigh Jenco
Global Knowledge Frameworks and the Tasks of Cross-Cultural Philosophy

Steve Fuller
Is There More to Cross-Cultural Philosophy Than Fear of Culture
Change? Response to Jenco

David H. Kim
Toward More Harmonized Methodologies in Comparative Philosophy: A
Reply to Leigh Jenco

Thaddeus Metz
The Assumptions of Cross-Cultural Philosophy: What Makes It Possible
to Learn from Other Traditions

Miljana Milojevic
On Justifying the Non-Adoption of Cross-Cultural Approach to

Leigh Jenco
“Are Certain Knowledge Frameworks More Congenial to the Aims of
Cross-Cultural Philosophy?” A Qualified Yes

Steve Fuller
Eurocentrism or Sinocentrism? The Cultural Grounds of Cross-Cultural

David H. Kim
Dialogical Comparison: Reconstruction without Circularity and
Contributions to Self-Transformation

Thaddeus Metz
Why Objective Truth Is the Ally of Social and Epistemic Justice: A
Reply to Jenco

Miljana Milojevic

Three Aims of Cross-Cultural Philosophy and the Need for

Intellectual Journeys

Fatima Sadiqi
Navigating the Berber Culture/Islamic Feminism Intersection

Fred Dallmayr
Reason and Dialogue: My Road to Intercultural Studies

In Memoriam

Paul Boshears
In Memoriam: Henry Rosemont, Jr. (1934–2017)

Book Reviews

Mark L. Farrugia
Value Pluralism and the Challenge of Normativity in the Zhuangzi

Marie-Hélène Gorisse
Jaina Scriptures and Philosophy: An Essential Contribution to the
History of Philosophy in Jainism

Bongrae Seok
Moral Geography and Exploration of the Moral Possibility Space

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