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Call for Papers


Political Philosophy and the Future of Capitalism

Call for PapersTheme: Political Philosophy and the Future of CapitalismType: International WorkshopInstitution: Waseda Institute of Political Economy (WINPEC) andWaseda Political Thought Seminar, Waseda UniversityLocation: Tokyo (Japan)Date: 15.–17.6.2019Deadline: 15.3.2019A workshop on the theme Po[mehr]


Reducing Suffering During Conflict

Call for PapersTheme: Reducing Suffering During ConflictSubtitle: The Interface Between Buddhism and InternationalHumanitarian LawType: International ConferenceInstitution: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)Location: Dambulla (Sri Lanka)Date: 4.–6.9.2019Deadline: 25.4.2019Though there a[mehr]


Social Solidarity and Social Development

Call for PapersTheme: Social Solidarity and Social DevelopmentType: International ConferenceInstitution: Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences  Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)Location: Hanoi (Vietnam)Date: 24.–25.7.2019Deadline: 20.4.2019 United Nations Millennium Decl[mehr]


Imagined Borders, Epistemic Freedoms

Call for PapersTheme: Imagined Borders, Epistemic FreedomsSubtitle: The Challenge of Social Imaginaries in Media, Art, Religionand DecolonialityType: 2020 CMRC ConferenceInstitution: Center for Media, Religion, and Culture (CMRC),University of Colorado Boulder  Research Consortium SIMAGINE[mehr]


Racionalidad, Ecopolítica, Mundialización

Convocatoria de contribucionesTheme: Racionalidad, Ecopolítica, MundializaciónType: IX CongresoInstitution: Sociedad Académica de Filosofía (SAF)  Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)  Universidad Carlos III (UC3M)  Universidad Complutense (UCM)  Universidad N[mehr]


Life, Thinking, and Culture in the Era of High Mobility

Call for PapersTheme: Life, Thinking, and Culture in the Era of High MobilityType: 2019 Global Mobility Humanities Conference (GMHC)Institution: Academy of Mobility Humanities, Konkuk University  Kritika Kultura, Ateneo de Manila University  UNITAS, University of Santo TomasLocat[mehr]


Urban Diversities

Call for PapersTheme: Urban DiversitiesSubtitle: Exclusion and Inclusion of Immigrants and Refugees at the Local LevelType: 20th International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities and NationsInstitution: Common Ground Research Networks, University of MilanLocation: Mi[mehr]


Beyond Borders

Call for PapersTheme: Beyond BordersSubtitle: Conceptualizing Boundaries, Crossings and DisruptionsType: 22nd International Conference on the History of ConceptsInstitution: The History of Concepts Group  Centro de Estudios Históricos, El Colegio de MéxicoLocation: Mexico City (Mexico)Date[mehr]



Call for PapersTheme: VulnerabilityType: 14th Annual ConferenceInstitution: North American Levinas Society (NALS)  Department of Philosophy and Religion, Drake UniversityLocation: Des Moines, IA (USA)Date: 23.–26.7.2019Deadline: 28.2.2019The North American Levinas Society (NALS) welcomes s[mehr]


Migration, Adaptation and Memory

Call for PapersTheme: Migration, Adaptation and MemoryType: 2nd International Interdisciplinary ConferenceInstitution: University of Gdańsk  Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana  McGill University  InMind SupportLocation: Gdańsk (Poland)Date: 13.–14.6.2019Deadli[mehr]