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Call for Papers


Reframing Wisdom Literature

Call for PapersTheme: Reframing Wisdom LiteratureSubtitle: Problematising Literary and Religious Interactions inAncient Wisdom TextsType: Postgraduate ConferenceInstitution: Department of Classics, King's College, University ofLondonLocation: London (United Kingdom)Date: 30.–31.5.2019Deadline: 24.2.[mehr]


Us and Them

Call for PapersTheme: Us and ThemSubtitle: Violence, Discrimination and MinoritiesType: Annual WorkshopInstitution: Minorities and Philosophy Chapter, University of GlasgowLocation: Glasgow, Scotland (United Kingdom)Date: 11.–12.4.2019Deadline: 4.3.2019The Minorities and Philosophy chapter of the Un[mehr]


Complicity in Human Rights Violations

Call for ApplicationsTheme: Complicity in Human Rights ViolationsType: Annual Course 'The Diversity of Human Rights'Institution: Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC)Location: Dubrovnik (Croatia)Date: 1.–7.9.2019Deadline: 31.3.2019 The annual course "The Diversity of Human Rights" aims [mehr]


East Asian Philosophy

Call for PapersTheme: East Asian PhilosophySubtitle: Past, Present and FutureType: 1st ISEAP International ConferenceInstitution: International Society of East Asian Philosophy (ISEAP)  Meiji UniversityLocation: Tokyo (Japan)Date: 14.–15.12.2019Deadline: 30.4.2019This is the first regular [mehr]


Arts of Understanding

Call for PapersTheme: Arts of UnderstandingType: 51st Annual ConferenceInstitution: Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy  Bath Spa UniversityLocation: Bath (United Kingdom)Date: 18.–21.6.2019Deadline: 15.2.2019The 51st Annual Conference of the Society for Asian and ComparativePhilo[mehr]


Postcolonialism, Postcommunism and Postmodernism

Call for PapersTheme: Postcolonialism, Postcommunism and PostmodernismType: 2nd International Interdisciplinary ConferenceInstitution: University of Gdańsk  University of Sao Paulo  InMind SupportLocation: Gdańsk (Poland)Date: 11.–12.4.2019Deadline: 28.2.2019In our post[mehr]


The Power of Maps and the Politics of Borders

Call for PapersTheme: The Power of Maps and the Politics of BordersType: International Interdisciplinary ConferenceInstitution: American Philosophical SocietyLocation: Philadelphia, PA (USA)Date: 10.–12.10.2019Deadline: 15.3.2019 The American Philosophical Society Library invites scholars in allfie[mehr]


Value and Values

Call for PapersTheme: Value and ValuesType: 6th European Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy (ECERP2019)Institution: International Academic Forum (IAFOR)  IAFOR Research Centre (IRC), Osaka UniversityLocation: Brighton (United Kingdom)Date: 5.–6.7.2019Deadline: 23.4.2019The [mehr]


Cultural Heritage and the Ethics of War

Call for PapersTheme: Cultural Heritage and the Ethics of WarType: International ConferenceInstitution: Homerton College, University of CambridgeLocation: Cambridge (United Kingdom)Date: 18.–19.9.2019Deadline: 14.1.2019 The Heritage in War Project invites paper proposals (in the form of800 word abs[mehr]


The Global Archive of Comparison

Call for PapersTheme: The Global Archive of ComparisonType: Interdisciplinary ConferenceInstitution: Oakley Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences,Williams CollegeLocation: Williamstown, MA (USA)Date: 26.–28.9.2019Deadline: 15.10.2018 The Oakley Center, which has its home at Williams College[mehr]