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Call for Papers


'Blood on the Leaves / And Blood at the Roots'

Call for PapersTheme: 'Blood on the Leaves / And Blood at the Roots'Subtitle: Reconsidering Forms of Enslavement and Subjection across DisciplinesType: Interdisciplinary ConferenceInstitution: University of WarwickLocation: Coventry (United Kingdom)Date: 19.–20.6.2020Deadline: 20.4.202018th Jun[mehr]


Semiotics to the challenge of intercultural communication in the age of globalization

Call for PapersTheme: Semiotics to the challenge of intercultural communication in the age of globalizationType: 10th International Symposium on Semiotics and Literary TextInstitution: Faculty of Letters and Languages, Mohamed Khider BiskraUniversityLocation: Biskra (Algeria)Date: 23.–25.11.202[mehr]


Philosophy of Migration and Asylum

Call for PapersTheme: Philosophy of Migration and AsylumType: International ConferenceInstitution: Institute of Philosophy, NOVA University of LisbonLocation: Lisbon (Portugal)Date: 16.–17.6.2020Deadline: 28.2.2020The Institute of Philosophy of the NOVA University of Lisbonorganises an international[mehr]


On the Boundaries of Here and Now

Call for PapersTheme: On the Boundaries of Here and NowType: International SymposiumInstitution: Department of Asian and North African Studies,Ca'Foscari University of VeniceLocation: Venice (Italy)Date: 1.–2.10.2020Deadline: 30.4.2020Today, more than ever before, interconnections, flows,interdepend[mehr]


Philosophy and Eschatology

Call for PapersTheme: Philosophy and EschatologySubtitle: Or: Thinking of/from the End of the WorldType: 7th Annual International ConferenceInstitution: Centre for Phenomenology in South Africa  University of JohannesburgLocation: Johannesburg (South Africa)Date: 11.–12.9.2020Deadline: 15.[mehr]


The Empire and Interreligious Conflicts

Call for PapersTheme: The Empire and Interreligious ConflictsType: International ConferenceInstitution: Istituto Svizzero di Roma  University of BernLocation: Rome (Italy)Date: 8.–10.6.2020Deadline: 14.2.2020This conference is a part of a broader project on epistemology ofinterreligious co[mehr]


Africa in a Cosmopolitan and Polycentric World

Call for PapersTheme: Africa in a Cosmopolitan and Polycentric WorldSubtitle: Violence, Conflict Mediation, and Peace Building DynamicsType: Asixoxe – Let’s Talk! Conference on African PhilosophyInstitution: Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of SciencesLocation: Prague (Czech Republic)Date: 15.[mehr]


Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and Antarctica

Call for PapersTheme: Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and AntarcticaType: Interdisciplinary WorkshopInstitution: University of OsloLocation: Oslo (Norway)Date: 3.–4.12.2020Deadline: 30.3.2020Does Antarctica have a colonial history? Has it entered apostcolonial present? And are those terms even appropr[mehr]


Kyoto in Davos

Call for PapersTheme: Kyoto in DavosSubtitle: The Question of the Human from a Cross Cultural VantagePoint Type: International ConferenceInstitution: Institute of Philosophy, Hildesheim UniversityLocation: Hildesheim (Germany)Date: 10.–13.9.2020Deadline: 15.3.2020From Ralf Müller <ramu_berlin@gmx[mehr]


Conceptualizing 'Difference'

Call for PapersTheme: Conceptualizing 'Difference'Type: Conference and PhD Summer SchoolInstitution: Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law(CISRUL), University of AberdeenLocation: Aberdeen, Scotland (United Kingdom)Date: 8.–9.6.2020 / 10.–11.6.2020Deadline: 7.2.2020The idea of ‘diffe[mehr]