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Call for Papers


On the Possibility and the Impossibility of Reparations

Call for PapersTheme: On the Possibility and the Impossibility of ReparationsType: WorkshopInstitution: Department of Anthropology, Columbia UniversityLocation: New York City, NY (USA)Date: 7.–8.5.2020Deadline: 31.10.2019In recent years, demands for historical justice have intensified inseveral nati[mehr]


Contributions to African Phenomenology

Call for PapersTheme: Contributions to African PhenomenologyType: International ColloquiumInstitution: University of Fort Hare  University of Pretoria  North-West University  Centre for Phenomenology in South Africa (CPSA)Location: Chintsa (South Africa)Date: 5.–6.3.202[mehr]


The Boundaries of Belonging

Call for PapersTheme: The Boundaries of BelongingType: 2020 WPSA Annual MeetingInstitution: Western Political Science Association (WPSA)Location: Los Angeles, CA (USA)Date: 9.–11.4.2020Deadline: 20.9.2019The Western Political Science Association will host its 2020 annualmeeting at the J.W. Marriott,[mehr]


Global Horror

Call for PapersTheme: Global HorrorSubtitle: Local PerspectivesType: Inclusive Interdisciplinary ConferenceInstitution: Progressive ConnexionsLocation: Lisbon (Portugal)Date: 4.–5.4.2020Deadline: 8.11.2019Horror pervades human experience. It affects us both as individualsand as members of social com[mehr]


Philosophy of Law

Call for ApplicationsTheme: Philosophy of LawType: PLUSS 2020: Philosophy of Law Undergraduate Summer SchoolInstitution: Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell UniversityLocation: Ithaca, NY (USA)Date: 21.–27.6.2020Deadline: 22.12.2019 We are excited to announce Cornell University's Philosophy of LawUn[mehr]


Hate Speech

Call for PapersTheme: Hate SpeechSubtitle: What It Is and How It WorksType: International WorkshopInstitution: Institut für Philosophie, Karlsruher Institut fürTechnologie (KIT)Location: Karlsruhe (Germany)Date: 26.–27.3.2020Deadline: 30.11.2019 Workshop DescriptionRecent surveys suggest that hate [mehr]


Time, Space and Culture

Call for PapersTheme: Time, Space and CultureType: International ConferenceInstitution: St. Anne's College, University of Oxford  London Centre for Interdisciplinary ResearchLocation: Oxford (United Kingdom)Date: 15.–16.2.2020Deadline: 30.9.2019We are pleased to announce the Call for Paper[mehr]



Call for PapersTheme: FriendshipType: Global Inclusive Interdisciplinary ConferenceInstitution: Progressive ConnexionsLocation: Prague (Czech Republic)Date: 7.–8.3.2020Deadline: 4.10.2019Few relationships are as significant as our friendships. The Buddhawas once asked by his cousin, Ananda, “Is frie[mehr]


New Racism and Migration

Call for PapersTheme: New Racism and MigrationSubtitle: Beyond Colour and the 'West'Type: International WorkshopInstitution: Asia Research Institute, National University of SingaporeLocation: SingaporeDate: 16.–17.1.2020Deadline: 16.9.2020 Despite the bulk of work that has established ‘race’ as soc[mehr]


Autonomy, Diversity and the Common Good

Call for PapersTheme: Autonomy, Diversity and the Common GoodType: 41st Claremont Annual Philosophy of Religion ConferenceInstitution: Claremont Graduate UniversityLocation: Claremont, CA (USA)Date: 6.–8.2.2020Deadline: 31.8.2019The theme of the 41st Claremont Annual Philosophy of ReligionConference[mehr]