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Call for Papers


Multicultural Philosophies of Technology

Call for PapersTheme: Multicultural Philosophies of TechnologyType: Special Track of the 21st SPT ConferenceInstitution: Society for Philosophy and Technology (SPT)  Texas A&M UniversityLocation: College Station, TX (USA)Date: 20.–22.5.2019Deadline: 1.12.2018In Taking Back Philosophy: [mehr]


Revisiting The Idea of Human Rights

Call for PapersTheme: Revisiting The Idea of Human RightsType: 10th Braga Meetings on Ethics and Political PhilosophyInstitution: Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society (CEPS),University of MinhoLocation: Braga (Portugal)Date: 13.–15.6.2019Deadline: 11.3.2019 The Br[mehr]


Transformative Connections

Call for PapersTheme: Transformative ConnectionsType: 2019 Environmental Justice Conference (EJ 2019)Institution: Global Environmental Justice Group, University of EastAnglia (UEA)Location: Norwich (United Kingdom)Date: 2.–4.7.2019Deadline: 31.1.2019The 2019 Environmental Justice Conference (EJ 2019[mehr]



Call for PapersTheme: DenialSubtitle: The Final Stage of GenocideType: 1st International ConferenceInstitution: Center for Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Studies,University of North Carolina CharlotteLocation: Charlotte, NC (USA)Date: 13.–14.4.2019Deadline: 1.12.2018Denial is often the “final [mehr]


Nationalism and Self-Determination

Call for PapersTheme: Nationalism and Self-DeterminationType: 29th ASEN Annual ConferenceInstitution: Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN)Location: Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom)Date: 24.–25.4.2019Deadline: 15.11.2018The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and the esta[mehr]


150 Years of Gandhi

Call for PapersTheme: 150 Years of GandhiSubtitle: Will it Bring Peace, Justice and Non-violence to the World?Type: 3rd International Multidisciplinary Conference "The Rise of Asia"Institution: Bandung Spirit  Groupe de recherche identité et cultures (GRIC), Université Le&nb[mehr]


Ethics of War and Peace

Call for ApplicationsTheme: Ethics of War and PeaceType: 5th Annual Graduate and Early Career Reading RetreatInstitution: Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace,Stockholm UniversityLocation: Perast (Montenegro)Date: 9.–10.9.2019Deadline: 1.3.2019 The Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War[mehr]


Faktum, Faktizität, Wirklichkeit

Call for PapersTheme: Faktum, Faktizität, WirklichkeitSubtitle: Phänomenologische PerspektivenType: DGPF Jahrestagung 2019Institution: Deutsche Gesellschaft für phänomenologische Forschung(DGPF)  Österreichische Gesellschaft für Phänomenologie (ÖGPhä)  Universität WienLocation: W[mehr]


Meaning of Life

Prize CompetionTheme: Meaning of LifeType: Essay PrizeInstitution: Association for the Philosophy of Judaism (APJ)Date: 2019 EditionDeadline: 28.2.2019The Association for the Philosophy of Judaism is running a specialessay prize, on the theme of the Meaning of Life.The analytic tradition of philosop[mehr]



Call for PapersTheme: JusticeType: 2019 PSA ConventionInstitution: Postcolonial Studies Association (PSA)  University of ManchesterLocation: Manchester (United Kingdom)Date: 11.–13.9.2019Deadline: 28.1.2019Paper and panel proposals are invited from academics, scholars andpostgraduates as w[mehr]