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Global Justice and Populism

Table of ContentsTheme: Global Justice and PopulismPublication: Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric (TPR)Date: Vol 12, No 02 (2019) New Special Issue of "Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric" (TPR)on "Global Justice and Populism":[mehr]


Interactions between analytic and Islamic philosophy/theology

Call for PublicationsTheme: Interactions between analytic and Islamic philosophy/theologyPublication: European Journal of Analytic Philosophy (EuJAP)Date: Special IssueDeadline: 30.7.2021We are inviting papers for the special issue of EuJAP, guest editedby Abbas Ahsan (University of Birmingham).The [mehr]


Heritage Without National Boundaries

Call for PublicationsTheme: Heritage Without National BoundariesPublication: Edited VolumeDeadline: 15.3.2021Cultural heritage (tangible and intangible), their origins, andpractices, are often confined to boundaries of a nation-state. Butvarious heritage aspects are connected via common themes, regi[mehr]


The Philosophy of Human Rights Obligations and Omissions

Call for PublicationsTheme: The Philosophy of Human Rights Obligations and OmissionsPublication: PhilosophiesDate: Special IssueDeadline: 30.6.2021The main topic of this Special Issue is human rights omissions.States as the primary human rights duty bearers are found wantingmore often than not, fail[mehr]


Mathias Risse and Gabriel Wollner's On Trade Justice

Call for PublicationsTheme: Mathias Risse and Gabriel Wollner's On Trade JusticePublication: Moral Philosophy and PoliticsDate: Special IssueDeadline: 31.1.2021International trade has become one of the focal points among thedifferent subfields of global justice in recent years. While it isobvious th[mehr]


Racial Justice and Peace History

Call for PublicationsTheme: Racial Justice and Peace HistorySubtitle: Is it 'Different' This Time?Publication: Peace & Change. A Journal of Peace ResearchDate: Special Issue (2021)Deadline: 31.1.2021John Lewis and C.T. Vivian, two icons of the racial justice movementknown for their courageous no[mehr]


Epistemic Injustice

Call for PublicationsTheme: Epistemic InjusticePublication: Las Torres de Lucca. International Journal of PhilosophyDate: Number 19 (July-December 2021)Deadline: 15.12.2020Philosophical interest in the concept of epistemic injustice has keptgrowing since the publication of Miranda Fricker´s Epistemi[mehr]


Problems of Anti-Colonialism

Call for PublicationsTheme: Problems of Anti-ColonialismPublication: Lexington Books SeriesDeadline: Ongoing Anti-colonialism emerged in the late 19th century as a critique ofEuropean empires and colonial administrations throughout the ThirdWorld. The attack on European imperialism grew into a post[mehr]


What do we care about?

Call for PublicationsTheme: What do we care about?Subtitle: A Cross-Cultural Textbook for Undergraduate Students ofPhilosophical EthicsPublication: Edited Textbook published by OpenBook PublishersDeadline: 15.2.2021Representing Philosophical Ethics from Asia, South America, andAustralia as well as f[mehr]


Cultural Variation in Cognition

Call for PublicationsTheme: Cultural Variation in CognitionPublication: Review of Philosophy and PsychologyDate: Special IssueDeadline: 1.4.2021This special issue will bring together scientists and philosopherswith radically different views about two outstanding and stillcontroversial questions: To [mehr]

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