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Call for Publications


The Ethics of Boycotting

Call for Publications Theme: The Ethics of Boycotting, Publication: Journal of Applied Philosophy, Date: Special Issue, Deadline: 15.8.2015We are inviting abstracts for a collection that will be submitted as a special issue of the Journal of Applied Philosophy, on the ethical&nb[mehr]


Online Dictionary of Intercultural Philosophy (ODIP)

Call for PublicationsPublication: Online Dictionary of Intercultural Philosophy (ODIP), URL: This is an invitation to contribute to the Online Dictionary of Intercultural Philosophy – ODIP. It is  a new project and still a bit rough here and the[mehr]



InhaltsverzeichnisTheme: Andalusien, Publication: polylog. Zeitschrift für Interkulturelles Philosophieren, Date: Nr. 32 (Winter 2014)Andalusien - das historische Modell der Convivencia von Islam, Judentum und Christentum im islamischen Al-Andalus ist heute aktueller denn je. Hie[mehr]



Table of ContentsTheme: Borders,Subtitle: Merging, Emerging, Emergent, Publication: Russian Sociological Review, Date: Volume 13, Issue 4 (2014) On behalf of the editorial team of the Russian Sociological Review we would like to inform you that we have published a special issue [mehr]


African Philosophy

Call for PublicationsTheme: African Philosophy, Publication: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP)Contributions to African Philosophy are invited for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP).The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (ISSN 2161-0002) is edited by James Fieser an[mehr]


Comparative Perspectives on Multiculturalism

Call for PublicationsTheme: Comparative Perspectives on Multiculturalism, Publication: Edited Volume, published by Pickering & ChattoWe are currently organising a volume with Pickering & Chatto on comparative perspectives on multiculturalism. The project was reviewed by Picker[mehr]



Call for PublicationsTheme: Authenticity, Publication: Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice, Date: Theme Issue 21:2 (2017), Deadline: 1.1.2016Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice seeks paper proposals for a theme issue devoted to the topic of ‘[mehr]


Chinese Philosophy and Human Communication

Call for PublicationsTheme: Chinese Philosophy and Human Communication, Publication: China Media Research (CMR), Date: Vol. 10, No. 4 (2014), Deadline: 10.11.2013This special issue (CMR-2014-04) invites scholars from across disciplines to examine the relationship between Chinese [mehr]



Aufruf zu PublikationenTheme: Konkordantia, Publikation: Interkulturelle Begriffsenzyklopädie, hg. v. Instituts zur Förderung der InterkulturalitätWir haben eine Interkulturelle Begriffsenzyklopädie mit dem Namen "Konkordantia" ins Leben gerufen: www.konkordantia.deKonkordantia ist ein Pro[mehr]


Brazilian Postcolonialities

Table of ContentsTheme: Brazilian Postcolonialities, Publication: P: Portuguese Cultural Studies, Date: Vol. 4 (Fall 2012) This thematic issue of 'Portuguese Cultural Studies' focuses on the interactions between critiques of colonialism and coloniality, and Brazilian studies. We[mehr]

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