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Call for Publications


Global Social Theory

Call for PublicationsPublication: Global Social Theory, URL: http://globalsocialtheory.orgMany of you will already be familiar with the new research and pedagogy resource 'Global Social Theory' which is partly inspired by the 'Why is my curriculum white?' movement and seeks to bu[mehr]


Crisis Capitalism and Creeping Fascism

Call for Publications Theme: Crisis Capitalism and Creeping Fascism, Subtitle: Bigotry, Racism, and the Rise of the Right in the Age of Neoliberal Barbarism, Publication: Special Project Series published by Heathwood Institute and Press, Deadline: OpenWe are seeking article[mehr]


American Multiculturalism in Context

Call for Publications Theme: American Multiculturalism in Context, Publication: Edited Volume, Deadline: 1.8.2015 (ongoing)We are starting to put together a volume initiated by the March 2015 conference in Mulhouse (France). Though we will have a substantial volume of conference[mehr]


The Ethics of Boycotting

Call for Publications Theme: The Ethics of Boycotting, Publication: Journal of Applied Philosophy, Date: Special Issue, Deadline: 15.8.2015We are inviting abstracts for a collection that will be submitted as a special issue of the Journal of Applied Philosophy, on the ethical&nb[mehr]


Online Dictionary of Intercultural Philosophy (ODIP)

Call for PublicationsPublication: Online Dictionary of Intercultural Philosophy (ODIP), URL: This is an invitation to contribute to the Online Dictionary of Intercultural Philosophy – ODIP. It is  a new project and still a bit rough here and the[mehr]



InhaltsverzeichnisTheme: Andalusien, Publication: polylog. Zeitschrift für Interkulturelles Philosophieren, Date: Nr. 32 (Winter 2014)Andalusien - das historische Modell der Convivencia von Islam, Judentum und Christentum im islamischen Al-Andalus ist heute aktueller denn je. Hie[mehr]



Table of ContentsTheme: Borders,Subtitle: Merging, Emerging, Emergent, Publication: Russian Sociological Review, Date: Volume 13, Issue 4 (2014) On behalf of the editorial team of the Russian Sociological Review we would like to inform you that we have published a special issue [mehr]


African Philosophy

Call for PublicationsTheme: African Philosophy, Publication: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP)Contributions to African Philosophy are invited for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP).The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (ISSN 2161-0002) is edited by James Fieser an[mehr]


Comparative Perspectives on Multiculturalism

Call for PublicationsTheme: Comparative Perspectives on Multiculturalism, Publication: Edited Volume, published by Pickering & ChattoWe are currently organising a volume with Pickering & Chatto on comparative perspectives on multiculturalism. The project was reviewed by Picker[mehr]



Call for PublicationsTheme: Authenticity, Publication: Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice, Date: Theme Issue 21:2 (2017), Deadline: 1.1.2016Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice seeks paper proposals for a theme issue devoted to the topic of ‘[mehr]

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