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Call for Publications


Conversations on African Philosophy of Mind, Consciousness and AI

Call for PublicationsTheme: Conversations on African Philosophy of Mind,Consciousness and AIPublication: Edited CollectionDeadline: 30.3.2020Modern philosophers such as Rene Descartes, William Amo, and PatriciaChurchland, have all sought to unravel the mind-body dilemma in manyways. What is immediat[mehr]


Epistemic Injustice

Call for PublicationsTheme: Epistemic InjusticePublication: Las Torres de Lucca. International Journal of PhilosophyDate: Number 19 (July-December 2021)Deadline: 15.12.2020Philosophical interest in the concept of epistemic injustice has keptgrowing since the publication of Miranda Fricker´s Epistemi[mehr]


Music, Culture and Dialogue

Call for PublicationsTheme: Music, Culture and DialoguePublication: Culture and DialogueDate: Vol. 9, No. 1 (2021)Deadline: 1.10.2020Culture and Dialogue is an international peer-reviewed journal ofcross-cultural philosophy and humanities that is publishedsemi-annually both in print and electronical[mehr]


Philosophy and Landscape East and West

Call for PublicationsTheme: Philosophy and Landscape East and WestPublication: Journal of Aesthetics and PhenomenologyDate: Special Issue (Vol. 7, No. 2, 2020)Deadline: 31.5.2020The landscapes we live within play a vital role in all aspects ofhuman life and have become an important locus of phenomen[mehr]


Cultural Appropriation and the Arts

Call for PublicationsTheme: Cultural Appropriation and the ArtsPublication: British Journal of AestheticsDate: Special IssueDeadline: 20.7.2020In recent years, there have been heated debates both in the publicopinion and in academic contexts over the phenomenon of “culturalappropriation” — i.e. when[mehr]


The Race-Religion Constellation

Call for PublicationsTheme: The Race-Religion ConstellationSubtitle: Entanglements in African Political CommunitiesPublication: South African Journal of PhilosophyDate: Special Issue (July 2020)Deadline: 15.11.2019If, as Mudimbe claimed, the missionary was “the best symbol of thecolonial enterprise”[mehr]


Critical Theory Today

Call for PublicationsTheme: Critical Theory TodaySubtitle: An Old Paradigm for new Challenges?Publication: Azimuth. Philosophical Coordinates in Modern andContemporary AgeDate: Vol. 8, No. 16 (2020)Deadline: 15.5.2020In the last two decades critical theory, in its various declinations,has shown grea[mehr]


Journal of World Philosophies

Table of ContentsPublication: Journal of World PhilosophiesDate: Vol. 4, No. 1 (2019)The Journal of World Philosophies' Summer issue has just beenreleased. You can access it under: of ContentsArticlesWulf D. Hund:The Racism of Eric VoegelinT[mehr]


Intercultural Philosophy

Call for PublicationsTheme: Intercultural PhilosophyPublication: Online Dictionary of Intercultural Philosophy (ODIP)Deadline: Ongoing ODIP (Online Dictionary of Intercultural Philosophy) accepts entrieson topics related to intercultural philosophy.ODIP offers brief and understandable definitions o[mehr]


Confucian-Deweyan Transactions

Table of ContentsTheme: Confucian-Deweyan TransactionsSubtitle: Keeping Faith in Creative Democracy and EducationalExperience by Sustaining Intercultural Philosophical Conversations inthe Present AgePublication: Journal of School and SocietyDate: Volume 6, Issue 1 (2019)The new issue of the Journal [mehr]

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