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Call for Publications


Cultural Variation in Cognition

Call for PublicationsTheme: Cultural Variation in CognitionPublication: Review of Philosophy and PsychologyDate: Special IssueDeadline: 1.4.2021This special issue will bring together scientists and philosopherswith radically different views about two outstanding and stillcontroversial questions: To [mehr]


Ipséité et altérité

Appel à publicationsTheme: Ipséité et altéritéSubtitle: Repenser la subjectivité avec LevinasPublication: AUC InterpretationesDate: Vol. X, No. 2 (2020)Deadline: 20.10.2020(Deutsche Version unten)Ipséité et altérité : repenser la subjectivité avec LevinasLe prochain numéro d’Interpretationes se conc[mehr]


Eboussi Boulaga et l’art de la vigie intellectuelle

Appel à publicationsTheme: Eboussi Boulaga et l’art de la vigie intellectuelleSubtitle: Hommage au philosophe du MuntuPublication: AUC InterpretationesDate: Vol. X, No. 1 (2020)Deadline: 30.10.2020 (Deutsche Version unten)Eboussi Boulaga et l’art de la vigie intellectuelle :hommage au philosophe du[mehr]


When East is North and South

Call for PublicationsTheme: When East is North and SouthSubtitle: East Asia, Latin America, and the Decolonization ofTrans-Pacific StudiesPublication: Edited BookDeadline: 15.7.2020We would like to share with you our call for chapters for a book onEast Asia, Latin America, and the decolonization of [mehr]



Call for PublicationsTheme: PeacePublication: Philosophical NewsDate: No. 21Deadline: 1.9.2020 As a topic, peace has received a good amount of attention throughoutthe history of philosophy. Starting with Plato and Aristotle’sreflections about the just government, issues of war and peace havetaken c[mehr]


Migration and Justice for People on the Move

Call for PublicationsTheme: Migration and Justice for People on the MovePublication: Philosophy and Public IssuesDate: Vol. 11 (2021)Deadline: 31.8.2020This special issue will include a discussion of Gillian Brock’sJustice for People on the Move. Migration in Challenging Times(Cambridge University P[mehr]


Nationalism and Rationality

Call for PublicationsTheme: Nationalism and RationalityPublication: Danish Yearbook for PhilosophyDate: Special IssueDeadline: 1.1.2021This special issue of the Danish Yearbook of Philosophy will reviewthemes relating to the rational basis of nationalist positions, therole of nationalist perspective[mehr]


Virtual Culture, Digital Community, AI and Information Ethics

Call for PublicationsTheme: Virtual Culture, Digital Community, AI and Information EthicsSubtitle: Africa in PerspectivePublication: Filosofia Theoretica: Journal of African Philosophy,Culture and ReligionsDate: Vol 9, No 3 (December 2020)Deadline: 30.7.2020 From Jonathan Chimakonam <jchimakonam[mehr]


Glocalization and Everyday Life

Call for PublicationsTheme: Glocalization and Everyday LifeSubtitle: Constraints and IncentivesPublication: Glocalism. Journal of Culture, Politics and InnovationDate: No. 2020, 3 (November 2020)Deadline: 30.9.2020From Elia Zaru <>“Glocalism”, a peer-reviewed, open-access an[mehr]


Cultural Appropriation and the Arts

Call for PublicationsTheme: Cultural Appropriation and the ArtsPublication: British Journal of AestheticsDate: Special IssueDeadline: 20.7.2020 In recent years, there have been heated debates both in the publicopinion and in academic contexts over the phenomenon of “culturalappropriation”—i.e. when[mehr]

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