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Extended cognition East and West

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Extended cognition East and WestSubtitle: How re-thinking cognition helps enlarge epistemologyType: 5th East-West Philosophers' ForumInstitution: School of Humanities and Languages, University of NewSouth WalesLocation: Sydney, NSW (Australia)Date: 15.–17.5.2019At the c[mehr]


Reframing Wisdom Literature

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Reframing Wisdom LiteratureSubtitle: Problematising Literary and Religious Interactions in Ancient Wisdom TextsType: Postgraduate ConferenceInstitution: Department of Classics, King's College, University of LondonLocation: London (United Kingdom)Date: 30.–31.5[mehr]


Normativity Beyond Borders

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Normativity Beyond BordersType: Rottendorf Symposium 2019Institution: Rottendorf-Project Global Solidarity, Hochschule fürPhilosophie MünchenLocation: Munich (Germany)Date: 16.–17.5.2019Globalisation continues to be a challenge for philosophy, too. It isyet to be seen w[mehr]


L'interculturel à l'ère contemporaine

Appel à communicationsTheme: L'interculturel à l'ère contemporaineSubtitle: Enjeux pratiques et perspectivesType: Colloque internationalInstitution: Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines, UniversitéMohammed Ier d’Oujda  Association Internationale pour la Recherche Interculturelle (A[mehr]


Normative Theory of Immigration Working Group (NTIWG)

AnnouncementInstitution: Normative Theory of Immigration Working Group (NTIWG)Location: OnlineNTIWG Invitation for New Members The Normative Theory of Immigration Working Group is a collective ofscholars working at the intersections of migration studies, policystudies, and political theory. Som[mehr]


Children on the Move

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Children on the MoveSubtitle: Philosophy and Child MigrationType: International WorkshopInstitution: Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research (CEPR),University of SalzburgLocation: Salzburg (Austria)Date: 9.–10.5.2019The Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research (CEPR) of th[mehr]


Sources of Pluralism in Islamic Thought

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Sources of Pluralism in Islamic ThoughtType: International SymposiumInstitution: Reset Dialogues on Civilizations (Reset DOC)  King Abdul-Aziz Al Saoud Foundation for Islamic Studies and Human Sciences  Granada Institute for Higher Education and[mehr]


International School for Intercultural Philosophy (EIFI): an intercultural philosophical proyect

AnuncioInstitution: Escuela Internacional de Filosofía Intercultural (EIFI)Location: Barcelona (Spain)(English version below – Deutsche Version unten)Escuela Internacional de Filosofía Intercultural (EIFI):un proyecto filosófico interculturalVisionLa escuela se funda desde el horizonte de una humani[mehr]


Networking on Contemporary Indian Philosophy

Web ResourceTheme: Networking on Contemporary Indian PhilosophyType: Research WeblogMaintainer: Elise Coquereau and Elisa FreschiURL: Following the conference ‘The Challenge of Postcolonial Philosophy inIndia: Too Alien for Contempor[mehr]


Global Justice and Health Workforce Distribution

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Global Justice and Health Workforce Distribution, Type: International Conference, Institution: Emmy Noether Group in Political Philosophy and Bioethics and Centre for Advanced Studies in Bioethics, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Loca[mehr]

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