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Networking on Contemporary Indian Philosophy

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Theme: Networking on Contemporary Indian Philosophy
Type: Research Weblog
Maintainer: Elise Coquereau and Elisa Freschi

Following the conference ‘The Challenge of Postcolonial Philosophy in
India: Too Alien for Contemporary Philosophers, too Modern for
Sanskritists’ (28-29.09.2017, Vienna, Austria, Conference website:, the idea of forming a
sustained research group on colonial and post-colonial Indian
philosophies arose.

By colonial and post-colonial Indian philosophies, we mean Indian
philosophies originating during the colonial or post-independence
period in their linguistic diversity: vernacular, Sanskrit and
English-speaking philosophy in India or authors from abroad working
on Indian philosophies of this time, in particular the relations
between these philosophies and their evolution. Rather than a history
of philosophies, we consider the concepts in contexts: the colonial
and postcolonial Indian philosophies in their reinterpretation of
classical Indian philosophies and of European and Anglo-American
concepts, and the hybridity of their philosophies that occurred in
thinking between different traditions, thereby contributing to the
world philosophical conversation. We also consider colonial and
postcolonial Indian philosophies as a field with its own thematics
and problems, such as the problems of authenticity of Indian
philosophies today and the political dimension of a postcolonial
philosophy, the idea of cosmopolitanism, the relation between
philology and philosophy (Indology and philosophy) for defining
Indian philosophy.

To remedy to the lack of studies on contemporary philosophy of India,
to counterbalance the asymmetry of the comparative mode between
classical India and contemporary European and Anglo-American, to
promote a field of philosophy that has been forgotten in today’s
academics, and to contribute to a world philosophizing, we would like
to enhance further discussion, with the following activities:

- announcing conferences, panels and lectures
- announcing new publications in the field
- brainstorming about contemporary Indian philosophical concepts

Networking on Contemporary Indian Philosophy: