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07.06.2019 10:21 Alter: 47 days

Learning from Buddhist Logic

Conference Announcement

Theme: Learning from Buddhist Logic
Type: Cross-Cultural Workshop on the Philosophy of Logic
Institution: School of Philosophy, Australian National University
Location: Canberra, ACT (Australia)
Date: 7.–9.8.2019

Buddhist philosophers have examined the techniques and methodologies
of debate and argumentation. They have investigated the logical
principles that underlie rational argumentation and reasoning. These
investigations started in India and engaged philosophers in China,
Japan, Korea and Tibet. Many competing theories of logic and its
relation to reasoning and rationality have been developed and studied
by traditional and contemporary Buddhist scholars. In the
contemporary literature in logic and the philosophy of logic,
however, this rich Buddhist material on logic is hardly discussed or
even known.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together some of the leading
scholars of Buddhist (and Indian) logic and contemporary philosophers
of logic in order to foster interdisciplinary interactions between
them. The workshop's objectives are (a) to demonstrate how Buddhist
material on logic is relevant to contemporary Western debates about
the nature of logic, (b) to develop new points of cross-traditional
and cross-cultural dialogue, and (c) to foster intellectual
engagement between Asian and Western philosophers and thereby help
diversify the profession of philosophy.

Each session of the workshop will consist of a presentation by an
internationally renowned Buddhist or Indian scholar followed by a
presentation by a philosopher of an international research profile
who will not just comment on the previous presentation but develop or
challenge the ideas presented by the previous presentation. Audience
will then be invited to raise questions and engage with the
discussions. The workshop will be a real interaction between the
scholars of Buddhist (and Indian) logic and philosophers of logic who
are not familiar with Buddhist material.

Szymon Bogacz (ANU), Brendan Gillon (McGill), Marie-Hélène Gorisse
(Ghent), Bryce Huebner (Georgetown), Carrie Jenkins (UBC), Ed Mares
(Wellington), Danielle Macbeth (Haverford), Parimal Patil (Harvard),
Graham Priest (CUNY Graduate Center), Gila Sher (UC San Diego), Koji
Tanaka (ANU), Audrey Yap (Victoria).

Registration is free, but please register for catering purposes:


Koji Tanaka
School of Philosophy
Australian National University
Coombs Building 9
Canberra, 2601, ACT
Tel: +61 2 6125 3313