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Normative Theory of Immigration Working Group (NTIWG)


Institution: Normative Theory of Immigration Working Group (NTIWG)
Location: Online

NTIWG Invitation for New Members 

The Normative Theory of Immigration Working Group is a collective of
scholars working at the intersections of migration studies, policy
studies, and political theory. Some or all of the NTIWG meet
semi-regularly on Skype to discuss a Member’s work in progress that
has been pre-circulated. Such works range from book proposals to
grant write-ups, with the majority being lately comprised of
penultimate drafts of journal articles or book chapters.  

Under the guidance of conveners Barbara Buckinx (Princeton
University) and Stephanie J. Silverman (University of Toronto), the
NTIWG has grown to include around 25 Members who participate remotely
and as their schedules allow. The conveners constitute the NTIWG as a
welcoming, friendly, and low-key commitment that ebbs and flows
alongside the school year and other commitments. The collective ethos
of workshopping that animates the Group has led to special issues of
peer-reviewed journals, edited collections, conference panels, and
other opportunities for Members. 

After 6 years of growing the NTIWG through word of mouth, the
conveners wish to formally invite new Members to express interest in
joining the collective. We welcome interest from researchers on all
aspects of migration and mobilities who self-identify as political
theorists or philosophers looking at the ethics of migration, broadly
understood.  This formal invitation reflects both the conveners’ wish
to emphasize the inclusive and collaborative nature of NTIWG, and the
expanding, more diverse, and exciting interest in this field of
study. We particularly welcome emerging scholars and later-year PhD

If you would like to learn more about the NTIWG, please email Barbara
( and Stephanie


Barbara Buckinx, PhD
Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination
Princeton University
017 Bendheim
Princeton, NJ 08544
Phone (office): +1 (609) 258-6182
Phone (cell):   +1 (609) 240-2022